Social Psychology

I don’t get what Facebook’s trying to do with this whole ‘Edited’ tab on every post you make.


“WOAH! That chick can write! A whole paragraph without a single grammar OR spelling mistake!”
No loser, she edited it like 15 times, and she had to re edit the same mistake 3 times.

“Aww she really didn’t lie, my name is still there with a heart!”
Oh Bullshit! She just re-added it today, get over yourself.

“WOW did i really feel this when I had this profile picture on?!”
NO Dumbass! You changed this caption like 6,7 times. Remember first, you uploaded this when you cut your hair saying ‘I miss my old hair’  - THEN, when you broke up with your boyfriend, you had a “you’re never gonna get this” caption on and then when you got back together you changed it to “forever yours baby” & now it’s Jesus is my savior. I don’t want you to read what you had on when you had your period, you can click on the three dots if you insist.


On a second thought I guess I do get facebook, showing us that we are all a bunch of stupid, schizophrenic, liars ; i call it social psychology.

Six Months Ago, but Not Today

So, I was driving back home at 1:00 am and I see a cute 15 year old guy, walking in the dark; looking around, kind of paranoid, kind of scared… He seemed like he’s walking back home or away from home, like he needed a ride, but wouldn’t expect a female picking him up so he didn’t bother raise up his thumb…

He eyed me, however, in a way that… Let’s just say, six months ago, I would’ve picked him up… but not today.

And then it hit me that even this young teenager student posed a threat to my system. Boom! And I realized the heaviness of the situation we’re living in Lebanon; I couldn’t give this anxious kid a ride at 1:00 am, simply because I was scared that maybe he wasn’t that innocent after all…

We can just go around partying, shopping, working, chilling at each other’s places, watching DVDs and eating popcorn… We can keep on not worrying about politics, not being interested in the news and not caring about having a real government. But, when it comes down to it, we shouldn’t deny the fact that we are all scared in a country that’s known for us being hospitable, helpful, and kind citizens. 

Grandpa’s Mansion

life’s too short to not go to every corner you come across in your grandpa’s huge mansion and discover how dim, warm, and safe it is – knowing that once one corner gets too dark and blue you can always hop into your grandfather’s lap in the chimney room and ask Him to tell you a story. 
if you think about it, He wouldn’t always have a book in his hands if he weren’t expecting you back & He wouldn’t let you wander all around his chateau if He didn’t want you to explore its corners. 
One thing I know for sure though: your Grandpa is too old for hide & seak, and his heart gets too weak when He finds your bed empty before He sleeps.

Don’t feel bad when you go wrong – Be happy when you realize you’re on the wrong track and try to fix it up… Remember, fixing it up succeeds with trial and error

Raising Monsters

I usually directly turn my phone’s video camera on when such things happen in front of me. Sadly, this time I was so appalled I forgot that I was even holding my phone in my bare hands – and that it actually had battery for once.


Here’s what happened. I had a meeting with one of Ashrafieh’s production houses. I was waiting for the elevator to come to take me to the 6th floor, and three beautiful blond kids approached me along with their – I’d call her – Ethiopian ‘nanny’. She was fixing their clothes and telling them to stay away from the elevator’s door so that they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

THEN, I witnessed the rage of a real Cruella, the children’s Mom. 
“Why didn’t you close your windows? The kids closed their windows and YOU didn’t. Why didn’t you close them? If you didn’t close them, who would do it… ME?”

Cruella’s voice was beyond the average intensity of anything our ears are bound to hear. She was addressing the nanny.
“EH? Eh? Answer Me! Why didn’t you close it” Cruella continued to scold.

The elevator came and we all rushed in: Cruella, the nanny, the three kids, and I.

Unfortunately, Cruella had the same destination as myself. She buttoned the 6th floor as well.

The elevator didn’t move. The nanny and I were standing facing a white wall.

Cruella murmured to me that I should move away from the wall and then literally barked at the nanny, “Why are you standing like this! Move away from the wall! How can the elevator travel and you’re standing like this!”  “MOOOOOVE!”, she roared.

“Sorry” whispered the nanny in a low discrete voice.

Standing there, I had no choice but to blurt something out loud.

“Please do not shout at her like that” I asked gently.

“Yih! Who are you to ask me to not shout at her? Am I interfering in your personal life? It’s my life and I can say and do whatever I want. You can treat your ‘servant’ the way you want. It’s none of your business how I speak to her…Yih!”

Disappointed from her reply,“She takes care of your kids, she helps you, be nice,” I said. “ It’s basic human rights,” I continued. (I felt I looked stupid when I said that, but I was literally revolted)

Cruella got furious, blabbing to herself, I could feel the dark clouds ranging from both sides of her ears.

I got to the production house. To my surprise, Cruella wanted to cast her kids for some upcoming commercials. She waited for me, eyeing her throughout the conversation, as I spoke to the manager. Should I tell her anything infront of everyone in the production house? Should I call Child Control to take those beautiful young angels away from her and save a planet? Or, should I just be sorry for such mothers living among us raising up monsters? Monsters who will eventually, instead of being grateful to others, exploit the power given to them to abuse the less fortunate?

Think of it this way, there are two possibilities: The nanny being abused will either >

A. Keep on being nice and tolerating this harsh treatment > the kids would grow up believing it is just normal to shout at those who work for them > we will raise a generation of arrogant, power-blinded, ungrateful cocky selfish assholes

B. Or she will literally take her revenge on the vulnerable kids when the parents aren’t around (and we all know that the parents aren’t most of the times around these days) > we will raise a generation of psychologically disturbed kids

I don’t know if you agree on this, but I hope you just think twice everytime you see a nanny , a helper, or a cleaner at any household, company, or club you’re at. Put yourselves in their shoes for 2 seconds, and no matter what is going through in your mind at the moment, try to draw a smile on your face to their direction and try to let them feel you’re grateful they’re around to clean your toilets at clubs, cook your food, take care of your kids, and wipe the floor your shoes step on.

I don’t hate you Cruella, I detest your parents for creating a monster*

With Love,


*this has nothing to do with lady gaga monsters ^_^

dear lebanesers

dear lebanesers,
1. hayfa wehbe is hot, stop trying to be cool saying shes not
2. no guy would fake being gay to gain attention, so get over yourselves
3. your plastic surgeries wont make him love you more, if it did.. goodluck with changing his diapers and in being cheated on once gravity plays its role on ur extra cheese
4. pose infront of the camera not in the middle of clubs. dance. move. ruin ur makeup. let there be a pond under your armpits. its understandable.
5. reading a book or anything longer than 10 lines is okay, it wldnt make you seem less cool or lifeless
6. theres a difference between fuckbuddies and lovers, thats why the two words exist in urban dictionary
7. make up makes all girls(not just this one) look more attractive, thats why they put it; you are no genius
8. deleting the bridge btween ur distinct eyebrows is being clean, dont panic and outsmart our eyesight – dont leave few rocks from the bridge. you can do it. if you cant do it, no one can :))
9. doing the duckface, selfies, and mirror pictures for girls is like playing a fifa game for guys, theres no need to comprehend it – just accept it
10. we live in lebanon. not in brazil nor germany, not in USA nor Iran, not in France nor Canada
11. traveling to a country doesnt make you one of its citizens
12. stop investigating celebrities’ roots, even if they had lebanese origins, if they were living in lebanon they wouldnt have become celebrities.
with love

A Sorrowful Daughter and Wife

Now, that you lay in front of me… so peaceful, like an angel… I can say everything I wanted to say to you and I just couldn’t have the nerve to say. I couldn’t have the nerve to look to your eyes and tell you “I should’ve listened to you from the start”.

Now that you lay in front of me I realize that you are the only man who really cared. I was twenty two back then, but I thought I knew better.  I thought all men were like you. I thought he would take care of me and treat me right, but I was wrong.

I left everything and I followed him only to discover the beginning of my misery. You used to tell me that a person who deserves my tears wouldn’t make me cry, but I cried every morning for the past 20 years. I cry when there’s no one around and I cry whenever I look at the mirror. I cry for how stupid I was when I was young and how little I knew about life.

Why did you spoil me this much when I was still a toddler? Why did you make life seem so easy when it is actually so bitter?

We went through a lot of financial and emotional problems (I never mentioned anything to you whenever you called, I always knew what you would do), but I never cared. I thought my presence near him would be enough. I thought that a kiss from my lips would wipe his tears off and lift up his soul (like when I used to hug you when you were sad).

Did I say tears – I wish he cries when he’s mad. Instead he just loses all his temper on me, because I can simply take it, because I am his wife, because I’ve tolerated this for so long, because he knows I’ll never leave.

The more I live the more I realize that most women share my story (I just wished I would be lucky). We all fell in love when we were young; they all sang us music to our ears. We all forgot our dreams once we were mothers, and instead we thought we would assist them with theirs.

But, they never listened and they won’t listen.

He never understood that I just wanted what was best for him, for us. What would I know? I am just an inexperienced housewife to him. My ideas are so shallow.

But I have to admit, he would ask me sometimes for my feedback, just to put me down in disgrace, making me feel like a useless cloth, for knowing so little; for answering so plain.

Look at my vocabs. Cloth? I even pity myself. You wanted me to be a doctor, and here I am giving you a useless cloth as an example.

I just hope I listened to you back then, when you told me to wait. But, he was different back then, he really wanted me back. He really loved me I guess, I thought he was worth the lack.

Now, he wants all these younger girls with good hips, wearing short dresses and walking on their fingertips.

I gave up convincing him that I am the only one who really cares, that I am the only one who will always be there. I gave up persuading him to follow his dream, because I know it’s never too late. I have simply given up on making him love me again and grasp the fact that he is truly my priority and my everything. And, worse of all, I’m tired and I’ve given up of pleading him to tell my kids to talk to me with respect.

Dad, I am sorry. I am sorry for every time I defended him. I am sorry for cursing you when you knew what was best for me. I’m looking at you, hoping you could hear me, hoping you could hug me for one last time – to wipe the tears off my cheeks, to lift up my core. 

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