A person has accomplished a lot if he inspired one person who is not a part of his close social groups. Even if he didn’t realize his direction himself, if he assisted someone else in his journey when it’s more tangible, his journey becomes more colorful. It’s better to have flowers your whole life and not getting anywhere, than thorns that might prevent you from getting to your target at the end of the way.


POSTING 101: If you like a picture, google it before you post it.

When it comes to social media, most of the posts we see are posted over and over and over again that the last version you get is a complete mess!
A picture is first designed by a source. Users screenshot it mainly on their phones & then get ‘creative’ on instagram with the filters (that I stopped using two years ago) and then post it. People who work in digital marketing should however track the main source and not depend on user-generated-content.
If you don’t get what I mean, check the two pictures below:

The first picture is the clean version (the one that was first created), the second one was clearly cropped, filtered, and “9gaged”.

If you work in digital media and you’re responsible of posting visuals, just do one step to the job and GOOGLE the picture. Posting a picture, that you can find elsewhere, on your page with a 9GAG sign and a lousy instagram filter is just lazy for your fans.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.31.20 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.30.31 AM

Moreover, the above serves well with respect to the post below. First, it is horribly cropped (we can barely read the copy), plus we can see the instagram-tagged-person-icon to the bottom left of the picture. It’s better for you to recreate this visual, or not even post it at all than post it as it is.


Whether a post is ‘liked’ or not doesn’t really matter. Respect your fans and give them something appealing to the eye. Respect the aesthetics of things even if it’s plain social media that will only trigger your fans’ attention for a fraction of a second.


with Love,



خْلِقْنا بِلْ تسْعينات
رْبينا عَلْ إنفيجاراتْ

بالمدرسة تْعَلَّمنا يوم
وْفَرّصنا يومان
بِحِجِّة إنْو مات فولانْ

بالجامعة تْخانَقنا
على مين بَدّو يِتْزَعَّمْنا

نُصْنا نَجَح بالواسطة
ونُصْنا ما كان إِلو جلادة
فَ قَرَّر يَعْمِلْ شَعْرو راسْطة

وْبِتْشوفْ هَلْ بَناتْ زِهْقانة
كلّ وَحدة بِتْسَمي حالا ناشطة
بْتِتْفَرْكَشْ فِيا يابا عمْبِتْعَلِّق يافطة

بِأَشْغالْنا مِنْشوفْ أرباب أَعمالنا
عَمْبِنازعو كِرْمالْ يضَلّْ لبنان فوق راصْنا

تْعبْنا وما إلْنا جلادة نِشكي
وَلا نهاجِر وَلا نِبْكي

نَحنا بَدْنا نعيش
وهِنّي بين الثانية والثانية بْيَعْملولنا فيشْ

بَجَم حَوَشْ تَتَرْ
مِشكَلتون اللبناني مْعَلَّم ومْكَتّرْ

وأنا كلّ ما يِطلَع إنفِجار
بذَكِّركُنْ أنا مينْ
برْجَع بِتذَكَّرْ
إنّو بَطّلِت بِتْهِمني هَلْ سياسة من سنين

Social Psychology

I don’t get what Facebook’s trying to do with this whole ‘Edited’ tab on every post you make.


“WOAH! That chick can write! A whole paragraph without a single grammar OR spelling mistake!”
No loser, she edited it like 15 times, and she had to re edit the same mistake 3 times.

“Aww she really didn’t lie, my name is still there with a heart!”
Oh Bullshit! She just re-added it today, get over yourself.

“WOW did i really feel this when I had this profile picture on?!”
NO Dumbass! You changed this caption like 6,7 times. Remember first, you uploaded this when you cut your hair saying ‘I miss my old hair’  – THEN, when you broke up with your boyfriend, you had a “you’re never gonna get this” caption on and then when you got back together you changed it to “forever yours baby” & now it’s Jesus is my savior. I don’t want you to read what you had on when you had your period, you can click on the three dots if you insist.


On a second thought I guess I do get facebook, showing us that we are all a bunch of stupid, schizophrenic, liars ; i call it social psychology.

Six Months Ago, but Not Today

So, I was driving back home at 1:00 am and I see a cute 15 year old guy, walking in the dark; looking around, kind of paranoid, kind of scared… He seemed like he’s walking back home or away from home, like he needed a ride, but wouldn’t expect a female picking him up so he didn’t bother raise up his thumb…

He eyed me, however, in a way that… Let’s just say, six months ago, I would’ve picked him up… but not today.

And then it hit me that even this young teenager student posed a threat to my system. Boom! And I realized the heaviness of the situation we’re living in Lebanon; I couldn’t give this anxious kid a ride at 1:00 am, simply because I was scared that maybe he wasn’t that innocent after all…

We can just go around partying, shopping, working, chilling at each other’s places, watching DVDs and eating popcorn… We can keep on not worrying about politics, not being interested in the news and not caring about having a real government. But, when it comes down to it, we shouldn’t deny the fact that we are all scared in a country that’s known for us being hospitable, helpful, and kind citizens. 

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