more followers. less friends.

[our generation]

we be abusing hashtags to gain “followers” on instagaram.
Followers i.e: people we don’t know, who might follow us and like our pictures, so that we feel better about ourselves by getting recognition and acknowledgement from strangers.


rejecting people who want to be our friends on facebook.
we get daily notifications from people who are usually our friends’ friends – cause most of us use that filter – however, we reject them because we are cool like that, we don’t speak to strangers.


matching with people on Tinder for “friendship” goals
“It is not a fuck app” well, I’m sorry to break it up to you like that, but it is. If you are on Tinder, you are most probably single and wouldn’t mind a hook up. If you are looking for new friends on social media, try going through your friend requests on Facebook or friends list. They might not want to get into your pants. They might, every one wants to eventually, but if you want to make best friends on Tinder, that is not going to happen – except if you’re super duper ugly but super fun; then you belong to the minority of the lucky tinderians.tinder.giftinder-gif.gif


ignoring our friends in real life and getting on our phones instead.
I don’t want to get into the whole “when I’m with friend X, I tell my friend Y im bored on whatsapp; then when I get with friend Y, and make plans on whatsapp with friend X.” read it again if you’re slow – the whole being on your phone while you’re out or in, with your friends is a bit retarded – Live an out of body experience, third-eye see yourself: you and your friend looking down your phones and sitting next to each other. It’s sick. And we all do it.zac-efron-group-texting-tinder.gif


If you don’t enjoy a friend’s company, stop hanging out with them; period. If you enjoy someone’s presence, give them your full attention; done.


Doing things just to post stories on Snapchat.
Now, there’s something positive in that. Most of us fear social rejection, so we want to prove to our social groups that we are active and doing something every day. It is getting most of us more ‘alive’ (AND buying clothes solely for instagram potential is getting people more trendy – and the fashion business working) But, again if you’re doing whatever you’re doing just to prove something to someone/anyone else – and most of us are – DO NOT simply do it!



You create your social image on social media, it’s no secret.
Social media gets you awareness and serves as a bridge between you and your dreams, you and the people you want to be associated with, and you and your friends. But, sometimes turn off your phone, appreciate your surrounding, and give value to your personal relationships.




much love

Pray for Paris? LA2, for LEBANON: W3ou ba2a

This might come out to be mean maybe, but it is how I see it. Hate me or say I’m a hater; argue with me as much as you want, I love to be proven wrong. 

It worried me how much people were upset by the fact that the Internet (mainly Facebook and Google) gave more importance to Paris’s recent tragedy than to Lebanon’s.

So many points on my mind, I will not write my thoughts in any order.

One, do you know what Lebanon is?
I know that we are all living this fake life of must-take-pictures-on-instagram at different typical places (like Rikky’z on summer Sundays, next to KAPTN’s elevator that gets you nowhere, and recently posing at The Village infront of the pubs) – even if your siblings, boyfriends, or parents/paparazzis make you feel like you’re Kim K stepping out in Hollywood; you still recognise that we are not even living in a Third World Country, but perhaps a 5th World Country with the whole garbage all around?
You think the world cares about Lebanon? You think WE matter to the world’s economy or politics? We are a country that is living in garbage for the past 4-5 months, and still no real measures were taken. We do not take ourselves seriously, do you expect THE WORLD to take us seriously?


Two, did any of you really PRAY for Lebanon? Like did any of you stop scrolling down your smartphones and actually think of the lives lost and PRAY?
THE WORLD IS NOT ON YOUR PHONES. Whether Google paid tribute to the lost lives or not, DID YOU PAY TRIBUTE? Did you care? Are you scared? Are you worried about your health and life?
For the past decade, did you make any changes with your corrupted institutions and cared about the Lebanese martyrs?

Three, if Paris DID NOT happen, would you be so caring for the Internet to acknowledge our loss?
We all know this is NOT the first time a bomb happens in Lebanon, let alone in the Middle East. We are not daily bombarded by new applications and pop ups and dedications to the Syrian war, are we?
We did however, have an LGBT flag update on Facebook when the homosexuals got their rights at the United States. Guess why? Because it is the United States.
I think being the attentions who*es and f*gs Lebanese people are, most of y’all just felt jealous..
So I read today that Google paid tribute to us afterall, yey *clap clap* – you can go party now in Mar Mkheyel you guys (with the blue and black garbage bags), we exist to Google :)

I genuinely BELIEVE that it’s just envy. You guys are simply jealous from each others pictures on social media, a whole Facebook update. Damn! Intense shit, bro. Fight for your Rights!
Why not envy other things the modern world countries have to offer and wake the fuck up?


No one cares about us, no one will, it’s raining outside and guess what: the water cycle in Lebanon is a dirt cycle – and no country in the WORLD gives a flying fuck.

We are the creaters of all this shit hole we are living in, and it’s time to do something.

We can change our reality with hardwork or else, we will always fight for an update on the Internet and probably create it ourselves eventually, just to feel VIRTUALLY EQUAL to civilized countries.


I’m saying this even though I have lost hope, I just couldn’t handle all the PMS Statuses everyone had. Reminded me of two little chicks fighting over a plastic crown.

Pray for Paris, la2 for Lebanon.
W3ou ba2a.

With love,

#3aybeshoum : We Are All In This Together

There is only one way to explain the waste situation we are living in in Lebanon: the government wants us OUT of the country. There is only one way to solve this situation: get THEM out of the country – out of their positions, right back to the barns they belong to.

If they’re fine with the waste being all around, we are not. It saddens me to see the difference between the Lebanese activists and the people in the government. It saddens me even more to know that the educated people, the cultivated individuals, those who are worthy of being in power – those who are not hungry for power or for money, like the our “powerful goats” – are abroad helping other countries evolve instead of being in positions here to induce change in our country!

No revolution has ever worked in history without a change in the hearts of the middlemen between the people and the government, and I am not talking about the parliament members, but I am addressing the police forces “the darak” who receive orders from our goats to eliminate the peaceful movements of our civilized citizens – who refuse to die out of malaria, cholera, and lung cancer. Should one of those darak’s families get intoxicated before they realize that they are one of us and not one of those goats?
I understand that it’s the darak’s job is do whatever they are ordered to do, but a revolution and action happens when ALL of us – I mean ALL the Lebanese people – the darak included, the ministers who want to prove to Lebanon that they deserve their positions, the MPs,  the ministers’ wives, the acitivists, the students, the mothers, the army, the bloggers, the media, the journalists, the immigrants, the CEOs, the kids (and possibly even our pets) do their own share in helping Lebanese people get their basic human rights.


These pictures are not what we should get out of a peaceful movement, this is not how you treat civilized protesters:


11873405_10155970204670080_7820214117669583820_n 11885377_10155970204525080_7916362701512313962_n 11903873_10154237282689546_3189737238845044534_n

We are ALL in this together, Ahmad, George, Ali, Hussein, Maroun, Seyid  Maria, and Alia. Those of us who cannot join the actual physical movement, can do their own part with solving all this corruption. Whatever power you have as a journalist, as a school teacher, a police-man, a politician, do your own share with making a change. Even if it was resisting an order, writing an article, starting a campaign, recycling at home and at the office, opposing corruption; asking for action, pressuring, demanding, and forcing change!

They say Lebanon is a Dream, and the dream was taken away from us. It’s not a dream to have a normal country where other countries that were deserts are now being compared to New York City. It’s not a dream to have fresh air and a normal government, when other countries are creating green space and ice out of nothing. It’s not a dream for women to pass their nationalities to their kids and for the homosexuals to not be treated as country traitors, when other countries are legalizing gay marriages and women are getting to the highest positions. It’s not a dream to have our educated young individuals working and not getting high at some random friend of a friend’s house, regretting they were born in Lebanon, instead of offering jobs for the unworthy.


What we do not get is that we are not only in THIS together, we are in everything together. Our unity will only change whatever ZBELEH we are living in.

Politics is mind games. Let’s just hope this is not a game to get even more ridiculous, greedy people to power.

It is a shame!   #3aybeshoum #طلعت_ريحتكم

Age of Adeline

Not sure if it’s only me, but Blake Lively looked more ravishing than Ever in this movie. To be quite honest, I was always more of a Blair Waldorf fan than a Serena fan in GG but Blake certainly was a jaw-drop in this specific movie.

|A young woman, born at the turn of the 20th century, is rendered ageless after an accident. After many solitary years, she meets a man who complicates the eternal life she has settled into.|

Being forever young is our dream. However, while watching this movie, it made more sense to grow old – especially with your loved ones. In the movie, Adeline changes her identity every decade so that she wouldn’t be questioned by the authorities. She falls in love once, but has to run away due to the fact that she cannot confess her reality to her lover. Small world it is, she falls in love after years with the son of the same man she loved first. Scared from change, she gets the same dog over and over again – and keeps a catalogue of the pictures all the dogs she adopted throughout the years.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.38.42 PM
Come to think about it, even living long is not worth it if you’re going to lose one day all the people and souls you care for. Investing your emotions again and starting over again and again is draining. Stability somehow makes more sense. Living long will only make sense if its for all. Not sure if immortality is truly worth it anyways, maybe being mortal is what keeps us enthusiastic about life.

What do you think?

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Small Stories from Beirut: Bouchée Continues

Roger(57), Nada(50), Paul(30), and Mira(23) is an example of most of the Lebanese families – who was brought up with extreme hardwork and determination.

At a time, before huge franchise chains came to Lebanon, small local businesses made our generation get to where it is now. Most of us own family-businesses and have grandparents who basically worked in the same “self-made industry” that our parents inherited or somehow managed to continue. They raised us, put us in good schools, then in reputable universities. We are generally, a generation that is cultivated, educated, and programmed in a way to enroll in huge hierarchical institutions – mostly, we aren’t interested in our parents’ institutions and we aim for something bigger. Others of us believe in the success/unsuccessful stories of our parents’ businesses, and decide to walk the same path adding our self touch in whatever they started.


Jack, George and Bernard are a third type of young men, who believe in the story of Bouchée, which isn’t any of their families’ business, but the investment of one of the boys neighbor. When Jack told me what the three of them have in mind, I got curious to know more about this family that previously owned Bouchée.

Bouchée was previously a video-cassette store – that for obvious reasons wasn’t profitable anymore after the millennium. Roger and Nada decided to open Bouchée in 2000. Specifically, it was Nada and her friend’s idea to open the restaurant. All they asked Roger for was an oven and a fridge. They started out with selling pastries, before starting with their Plat de Jour plates. “I’d have customers wanting to buy a man2oushe, while I was cooking for my kids. Out of good manners, I’d give them some, and they’d love it! Due to my customers’ demand, we starting selling home-cooked-meals. It wasn’t the initial idea of the store, but I thought it was a good idea”, Nada says, “now, if someone asks me for a Man2oushe, I’d scold them saying WHO AM I COOKING FOR? I became like their mom.”


The family lives in the floor right above the store. “Sometimes, there wouldn’t be any food at home,” says Mira, their daughter, “I’d go down to have a bite and I’d get lost in the midst of the chaos at the store. It was always so crowded and busy, I’d runaway back up – without having anything to eat – and wait for it to calm down.” When asked if she is happy that her parents are somehow retiring and there’s a new management for Bouchée, Mira answered, “my mom was always at the store, sometimes she’d stay till 4, 5 am – I’d barely see her an she’d barely sleep, seeing her sleeping standing up was something pretty normal. I think my parents deserve to rest, they raised us well, and they can just take it easy from now on”.

Paul, their older son, and Mira both majored in business. Paul studied Economics and is now working, and Mira majored in logistics and is now doing her Masters. “They both can do it on their own now”, says their father, “we do not have huge expenses anymore, and therefore we don’t have to work as hard as we used to before. Honestly,” he continues, “I was thinking of closing the place if these three fine boys didn’t approach me.”

One thing I admired about Roger is his honesty when he described inflation. “Everything was getting expensive; I had to either keep the same ingredients and profit less, or buy cheaper products and double my profit. Believe me, I tried to be cheap on the products, but I personally couldn’t digest the food. I couldn’t make people eat what I didn’t enjoy. Customer comes first, even if it were going to affect my business”.


Roger knows nothing about food. Previously working with computer gadgets and production, food was not his specialty. However, he believed in his wife and supported her, and it was indeed a good step he took! At Bouchée, Nada does all the cooking, he usually answers the delivery calls and doesn’t interfere with the food. He knows every corner in Beirut, and especially in Great Ashrafieh. He describes the location to Ayman, the delivery boy – who’s remaining at the shop with the new management.
Ayman said that he loved working with Roger and Nada and so far, the boys (Jack, George, and Bernard) seem quite cool. He doesn’t mind the new management; he supports it.

Jack, George, and Bernard were inspired by the family and their hard work. They were looking for a venue/ restaurant to invest in and I guess they found the best energy out there. Having such honest previous owners, with a good heart, definitely encouraged them to start their own business.

I guess with the whole unemployment rates, investing in already made establishments is not a bad idea at all. Instead of closing old shops, and working from 9 to 7, we can use our education to keep those brands going. It’s nice to work in big institutions, but it’s also nice to invest in what is already there and who-knows maybe shift small shops to worldwide Lebanese-originated-franchises. Even if it weren’t our family business, we can look around for other shops out there. It definitely takes a lot of guts but it is worth a shot!
Best of Luck guys, you set an example for the rest of us!


So it was just revealed that the person behind the video we all watched is Clara Hawa, a psychology and theater student who risked her reputation for a week in order to convey a message most of us should support and execute.
When I first watched this video, I wasn’t sure if it’s a parody – you know Iike the ones all over youtube – or not, but everyone said it’s a real song. However, they all said something was fishy about her wig and sunglasses.


I wanted to write something about this, but I felt it wasn’t worth discussing – just like Myriam Klink’s Antar. Now that I know it was IMPACT BBDO’s #balasakhafe3ishelsa2afe campaign, I’d definitely like to point out how silly our societies have become. I personally work in social media and I know how people react to silly stuff in oppose to good content that have a MEANING. I always try to spread awareness/ interesting content but such posts just don’t really go viral.

I guess people who made fun of Zeezee are now feeling awkward about themselves.


Zeezee’s video isn’t that bizarre. It is an exaggerated version of the music videos in the Lebanese industry – and whatever they try to tell us.

Moreover, the funniest part of the video was the credits! I couldn’t believe people actually put their name there!

Now that it all makes sense I’d wish that our artists would start thinking twice before singing a ‘sexy’ song, directors and producers would have more dignity before putting their names on absurd videos (because the ones out there aren’t THAT BETTER), and better yet,  WE would STOP MAKING *Similar* PEOPLE FAMOUS.


I love what Zeezee did though, every actress who takes acting seriously would definitely have done this. Now we all know what that girl is capable of right? Hats down!
Quoting her “Reading one book per month would do our societies good.”


Being a previous intern at Impact BBDO, I’m really proud of this campaign as well. I think it’s all simply genius.

much love w bala tjeljou2!


#Funny porn?

It’s been a while that I haven’t really had an instagram “search” for funny pictures. Somehow, when I first started working in social media, I used to check hashtags like #funnyposts #school #funny #fashion quite a lot. I don’t do it just as often anymore.
I searched the hashtag #funny just now, however.
It’s 3 am – but it’s not 3 am in the world, so that doesn’t really justify the result.
This is what I got:




So basically, being the girl I am I don’t really care about the above – and by care I mean affected as a person, on a psychological and physical level – but say I am 13 and wanting to bring some funny jokes to class tomorrow, should I really see all this?
Say I am 13 hitting puberty, but I still do not want to watch porn, I just want to enjoy instagram funny posts, should I really get bombarded by this?
Internet is all around us, people can see porn within a click; it’s just a click away and I know how smart kids are these days. We, 90s-kids had full-on access to all kinds of porn, but now THIS is disturbing and disgusting.
Have a little bit of respect and responsibility to the community before using hashtags on un-related and rated pictures.

They say Snapchat ruins relationships cause of all the porn accounts on it, well you follow porn stars and horny b****s on Snapchat, they don’t just haunt you down while you’re in the middle of an innocent activity. Even if it’s due to peer pressure that you eventually follow such accounts or check other guys’ Snapchats so you wouldn’t get into an argument with anyone, you are at least INTERESTED.

When you’re searching #porn on instagram, you are interested. When you’re searching #funny, you are not asking for this:


Or this:


Sex is universal? I agree, but don’t shove it up other people’s throats just because you have the power to.
Say posts are both funny and sexual in this feed? Then, people are proportionally engaging in more sexual activities/ desperation than fun activities AND are more horny than happy these days.

This percentage of rated pictures did not exist on this specific hashtag before, I don’t know what the world is turning into honestly and I DO NOT envy your kids.
What is considered bad or wrong to your kids anyways?

It was nice when guys were fascinated by the body and the beauty of a girl, by her feminine genuine personality, and her mysterious irresistible qualities.

Not being a nerd or a hypocrite, but after seeing this, who cares about Mia Khalifa? What we are claiming as something that puts our country to shame, is just a drop in an ocean of boobs and ass all over the Internet. The world is a shame, “ma we2fit 3ala Mia”; these girls’ bodies are all over our 3:00 am screens and it’s disgusting and polluting to all our eyes.

Bottom line, Kamasutra always existed so did orgies, so did all kinds of sexual experiences and positions. Sex is nothing new, but it shouldn’t be just everywhere. Hashtags should be filtered and used correctly on instagram, since it is a visual medium.
We should value our bodies and respect our cognitive skills to know when we should not ‘go with the flow’.

Such a long read for a small thought.
Sorry for that.


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