School Nostalgia

I went today to my school’s gym. I haven’t went there since I graduated. I actually did go a couple of times in Summer, but that’s just after I got graduated, those visits were ordinary.
I went today, at 7:30.

I parked, and went in. I passed next to the secretary or the registration woman, dunno what they call her. She was on the phone. She was like, “ sorry Mom”, looked at me and said, “ yeah, how may I help you?”. I told her I wanted to talk to the coach (Fony), said I was a member in the gym, and that I want to join again. She told me that now, she’s the one responsible for all the payments and subscription. I told her I want to talk to the Coach anyways. She was okay with that.

I walked through the gym. The tredmils’ places are changed. The whole place changed. New machines were brought in, and all the old machines are in tottally different settings. Plus, all the faces there are new. Some little kids wearing my school’s costume were there. Hell, I remember their faces, but how are they working out, aren’t they supposed to still be little kids, playing hide and seak in the school’s playground?

I talked to the Coach. I asked him about all the new subscription details. He told me that Coach S is now the Gym’s director/principal/whatever… I asked him how much I am supposed to pay to work out today, he said that I should ask the woman in the registration place up.
Wow, Coach Fony now, became just a coach. Nothing more. He used to run this place. How sad. How hard he worked for this place. It got me a bit sad.

I payed five dollars for the woman, and took a locker key. I know that the even-numbered-locker keys are for girls. She was going to point that out, I told her I knew. Thank God, something didn’t change.

I put some stuff in the locker and headed to the gym’s space. I started walking on the tredmil. A new paper was on the wall. SORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE TREDMIL FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES. Haha! I used to stay for 2 hours on tredmils. Weird.
So I walked for 20 minutes. Got off. Sat.

Then, I worked on two machines. Saw a Gym friend/ former classmate. We just said hi.
After a while, I just left. Took my stuff from the locker, said thanks to the woman. She was on the phone again, and headed to the car. While I was goin up. I remembered that day. March 21st, 2009. The tournament’s day. The day, the guys played basketball, and us, the cheerleaders danced our dance. I remember running away with Kojo, just after finishing my performance. I was listening to Drop The World on my MP3. I put my bag in my car, and stood facing the huge forest next to my school. I felt that a part of me is still here. All the feelings I used to feel, each person I cared for, the highschool crushes I had, that now make no sense at all. All the people I gave importance to, and ditched others for…

I came to school this year. Juring the class-in-session times. I said hi to the teachers. I saw the little kids in class. But, I never had time to look around. I never had this nostalgia…
I continued to walk. I walked to the playground. I saw where we used to hang out. The Long-Jump-sand, all the basketball little playgrounds, and so on.

I remembered the scoutes camp of Summer 2007. We were all still friends. we used to play these midnight games. I remember this game at midnight where Kraig and I were partners. We ran so fast that day, and then I lost him, but we won the game.

I walked again to the patio, next to the cafeteria. The teacher’s room was showing. Hehe, I remembered the first time I drank nescafe, that day in the scoutes camp, I drank it just because I liked Kraig and ever since, nescafe become an addiction. Lol

The teachers used to care so much about us. They used to be like our parents. No one’s like that now, in life. We actually used to spend more time with them, than we spent with our own parents. They always used to tell us that we’d never have people to care for us, in the future… like they do, other than our parents… they were absolutely right…

Everything is so different in real life.

I looked at the grass, where Sam and I played, rolled over… when the other students had extra classes. Hehe, and then, we had acnes all over. Because that grass had some chemicals or whatever.

I remembered many things…
I cried.
Then, I walked to the cafeteria. I looked around. I sat on the bench we used to sit on…
And then, so many scenes brushed infront of my eyes.

The MP3 battery was out. I sat a bit and then left.

This place is past now. I do not belong here anymore. It’s just memories. Nothing more.
Life is really funny. From high school, to university, to work, to creating a family, to getting old, and to evenually dying; that’s if you didn’t die earlier.

Its hard, passing from one stage to the other. The point at which you actually finish one stage, is actually one of the best. You enjoy it. You feel, wow! I am getting older, yey me!

But then, at some moment, when you’re living your next stage. You go back to the old one. You see how your life was. How easier everything was.

But, hey! That’s life isn’t it?! It’s hard. It’s sad, and ofcourse its boring if you get stuck in one stage.

NB : the names mentioned are not the real ones

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Just like many other aspects in our lives, our religion is born with us. We are born to be Christians, Buddhists, Jewish, Muslims…and so on…

Each one of us is raised to believe that his religion is the true religion. All other religions are foolish, wrong, made-up, and lead to everlasting torture.

What is religion after all? I would say it is just some bond that unites people together, puts them in the right track, and lets them avoid mistakes/sins. However, each religion is fabricated in a way that is homogeneous and consistent with the environment it was created in. For example: Islam and the 4 wives. Back in the 500s, the tribes Prophet Mohammad used to live with were complete savages I would say. They were worse than animals, mating with whomever female they’d see, respecting no one. The Four-Wives was a common ground for those tribes. Prophet Mohammad continues to state that a man should equalize between his wives. He should love, treat, and respect them all the same; or else he shouldn’t marry more than one woman. Jews and Saturday. Back then, people used to work so hard, and God asked for Saturday as a day dedicated to him: for prayer. It wasn’t too much to ask.

The mistake we do now, is still sticking on to little details instead of the basic essence of religions. All religions call for love, respect, forgiveness, empathy, and true friendship or brotherhood. It’s not if u cooked on a Saturday afternoon or not. It’s not if you have 3 wives. It’s who YOU are. Unfortunately, just like always, our reasoning tends to misinterpret what’s given. Instead of understanding all other religions, we tend to mock them.

Once one of our religion’s members choose to alter his religion just because he felt he found the truth somewhere else, Oh God! How could he: traitor, deceiver, demon, and a huge disappointment.

For religion; people have killed, many commit suicide, families were broken, brothers stopped talking to each other, people stereo-typed one another, and relationships were cut forever …

Now, we should ask ourselves. Are all the people that have the same Religion as me, good? Are they all good people? In other words, is my religion what made me who I am? Am I a good person just because of my religion? Yes, it has guided the way for me, I am sure. But, is it still something I should judge others upon, and in the most horrific times kill them based on their religion??

In fact, it’s high time we start judging others by their personalities and not by what is written on their IDs. Don’t misunderstand me. Religions are sacred, important, and they do affect our lives. However, it is time to approve of marriages and relationships of couples from different sects, embrace others even though they come from a complete different environment than us, and respect each person alive.

TRUTH IS: that is what ALL religions call for.


Our human brain functions in an ironic illogical typical manner.

Isn’t it ironic that we usually trust those whom we know shouldn’t be trusted, and doubt those who are nice since being nice isn’t a common virtue?

We love those who don’t know we exist, and ignore those who seem to care about us? We believe lies just so that we wouldn’t get hurt, and never seem to accept, confront, or even hear the truth?

We cry for those who wouldn’t cry for us, and never lend a shoulder for those who need us? We work so hard to gain someone’s love, and then once we do, we take him or her for granted?

We are disloyal and expect others to be loyal? We prefer going out and partying all the time instead of studying to build a successful future? We make fun of those who actually care for their future and call them names and labels, to hide out our in confidence and failure? We avoid our parents when we know they’re (usually) the source of our ‘everything’ and of our existence? We prefer our temporary transitional friends over our permanent family?

We never seem satisfied when we know that our lives are much better than millions but billions of people? We change, rebel, lie, and pretend to be someone we’re not just to be accepted by people who do not accept our real being? We constantly desire what others need or seem to have.

We judge a person by his looks and appearance that doesn’t last and never care to discover someone’s personality. We make fun of those who protect nature and the environment we live in, drink of its water, and eat of its food.

We generate and fabricate rumors from the most horrific and sad events caring for no one’s feelings, dignity, and privacy only to have fun, open a conversation, or attract attention. We smoke even though we know the consequences and effects of smoking.

We favor drugs, alcohol, and suicide over consulting a specialist or accepting the truth? We usually give up instead of trying again? We prefer revenge over forgiveness, lust over love, war over peace, and cheating over hard work?

Sad but true, we are all the same selfish, arrogant, indifferent, inconsiderate creatures who love to have everything… all at the same time.

Andwhen do we realize this?

When we lose the ones we love, that’s when we regret every second we cldnt be next to them and everytime we hurt them in or unintentionally.

When we fail to succeed in life, that’s when we regret never taking it seriously

When the one we loved hurts us, that’s when we realize we chose the wrong person to care for

When we need someone so bad, but no ones actually there for us
When we lose our dignity and respect; that’s when we wish we never did what we have done..

When we get ill; that’s when we realize that those warnings were right..

When we lose anything or anyone; that’s when we know how valuable they are to our hearts and how foolish we were to take them for granted and not cherish them..
remorse, regret.. nothing but nothingness, chasing a shadow time is unidirectional.. and the past is unchangeable.
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