Our human brain functions in an ironic illogical typical manner.

Isn’t it ironic that we usually trust those whom we know shouldn’t be trusted, and doubt those who are nice since being nice isn’t a common virtue?

We love those who don’t know we exist, and ignore those who seem to care about us? We believe lies just so that we wouldn’t get hurt, and never seem to accept, confront, or even hear the truth?

We cry for those who wouldn’t cry for us, and never lend a shoulder for those who need us? We work so hard to gain someone’s love, and then once we do, we take him or her for granted?

We are disloyal and expect others to be loyal? We prefer going out and partying all the time instead of studying to build a successful future? We make fun of those who actually care for their future and call them names and labels, to hide out our in confidence and failure? We avoid our parents when we know they’re (usually) the source of our ‘everything’ and of our existence? We prefer our temporary transitional friends over our permanent family?

We never seem satisfied when we know that our lives are much better than millions but billions of people? We change, rebel, lie, and pretend to be someone we’re not just to be accepted by people who do not accept our real being? We constantly desire what others need or seem to have.

We judge a person by his looks and appearance that doesn’t last and never care to discover someone’s personality. We make fun of those who protect nature and the environment we live in, drink of its water, and eat of its food.

We generate and fabricate rumors from the most horrific and sad events caring for no one’s feelings, dignity, and privacy only to have fun, open a conversation, or attract attention. We smoke even though we know the consequences and effects of smoking.

We favor drugs, alcohol, and suicide over consulting a specialist or accepting the truth? We usually give up instead of trying again? We prefer revenge over forgiveness, lust over love, war over peace, and cheating over hard work?

Sad but true, we are all the same selfish, arrogant, indifferent, inconsiderate creatures who love to have everything… all at the same time.

Andwhen do we realize this?

When we lose the ones we love, that’s when we regret every second we cldnt be next to them and everytime we hurt them in or unintentionally.

When we fail to succeed in life, that’s when we regret never taking it seriously

When the one we loved hurts us, that’s when we realize we chose the wrong person to care for

When we need someone so bad, but no ones actually there for us
When we lose our dignity and respect; that’s when we wish we never did what we have done..

When we get ill; that’s when we realize that those warnings were right..

When we lose anything or anyone; that’s when we know how valuable they are to our hearts and how foolish we were to take them for granted and not cherish them..
remorse, regret.. nothing but nothingness, chasing a shadow time is unidirectional.. and the past is unchangeable.
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