School Nostalgia

I went today to my school’s gym. I haven’t went there since I graduated. I actually did go a couple of times in Summer, but that’s just after I got graduated, those visits were ordinary.
I went today, at 7:30.

I parked, and went in. I passed next to the secretary or the registration woman, dunno what they call her. She was on the phone. She was like, “ sorry Mom”, looked at me and said, “ yeah, how may I help you?”. I told her I wanted to talk to the coach (Fony), said I was a member in the gym, and that I want to join again. She told me that now, she’s the one responsible for all the payments and subscription. I told her I want to talk to the Coach anyways. She was okay with that.

I walked through the gym. The tredmils’ places are changed. The whole place changed. New machines were brought in, and all the old machines are in tottally different settings. Plus, all the faces there are new. Some little kids wearing my school’s costume were there. Hell, I remember their faces, but how are they working out, aren’t they supposed to still be little kids, playing hide and seak in the school’s playground?

I talked to the Coach. I asked him about all the new subscription details. He told me that Coach S is now the Gym’s director/principal/whatever… I asked him how much I am supposed to pay to work out today, he said that I should ask the woman in the registration place up.
Wow, Coach Fony now, became just a coach. Nothing more. He used to run this place. How sad. How hard he worked for this place. It got me a bit sad.

I payed five dollars for the woman, and took a locker key. I know that the even-numbered-locker keys are for girls. She was going to point that out, I told her I knew. Thank God, something didn’t change.

I put some stuff in the locker and headed to the gym’s space. I started walking on the tredmil. A new paper was on the wall. SORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE TREDMIL FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES. Haha! I used to stay for 2 hours on tredmils. Weird.
So I walked for 20 minutes. Got off. Sat.

Then, I worked on two machines. Saw a Gym friend/ former classmate. We just said hi.
After a while, I just left. Took my stuff from the locker, said thanks to the woman. She was on the phone again, and headed to the car. While I was goin up. I remembered that day. March 21st, 2009. The tournament’s day. The day, the guys played basketball, and us, the cheerleaders danced our dance. I remember running away with Kojo, just after finishing my performance. I was listening to Drop The World on my MP3. I put my bag in my car, and stood facing the huge forest next to my school. I felt that a part of me is still here. All the feelings I used to feel, each person I cared for, the highschool crushes I had, that now make no sense at all. All the people I gave importance to, and ditched others for…

I came to school this year. Juring the class-in-session times. I said hi to the teachers. I saw the little kids in class. But, I never had time to look around. I never had this nostalgia…
I continued to walk. I walked to the playground. I saw where we used to hang out. The Long-Jump-sand, all the basketball little playgrounds, and so on.

I remembered the scoutes camp of Summer 2007. We were all still friends. we used to play these midnight games. I remember this game at midnight where Kraig and I were partners. We ran so fast that day, and then I lost him, but we won the game.

I walked again to the patio, next to the cafeteria. The teacher’s room was showing. Hehe, I remembered the first time I drank nescafe, that day in the scoutes camp, I drank it just because I liked Kraig and ever since, nescafe become an addiction. Lol

The teachers used to care so much about us. They used to be like our parents. No one’s like that now, in life. We actually used to spend more time with them, than we spent with our own parents. They always used to tell us that we’d never have people to care for us, in the future… like they do, other than our parents… they were absolutely right…

Everything is so different in real life.

I looked at the grass, where Sam and I played, rolled over… when the other students had extra classes. Hehe, and then, we had acnes all over. Because that grass had some chemicals or whatever.

I remembered many things…
I cried.
Then, I walked to the cafeteria. I looked around. I sat on the bench we used to sit on…
And then, so many scenes brushed infront of my eyes.

The MP3 battery was out. I sat a bit and then left.

This place is past now. I do not belong here anymore. It’s just memories. Nothing more.
Life is really funny. From high school, to university, to work, to creating a family, to getting old, and to evenually dying; that’s if you didn’t die earlier.

Its hard, passing from one stage to the other. The point at which you actually finish one stage, is actually one of the best. You enjoy it. You feel, wow! I am getting older, yey me!

But then, at some moment, when you’re living your next stage. You go back to the old one. You see how your life was. How easier everything was.

But, hey! That’s life isn’t it?! It’s hard. It’s sad, and ofcourse its boring if you get stuck in one stage.

NB : the names mentioned are not the real ones

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