Two days ago,

I was at Gemmayze, I parked for the first time NOT IN A PARKING, but on the side of the street.

When I came to take my car, a rented car was parked next to my car blocking my way.

Another car was also blocking the way of the car parked behind me.

Both cars had tickets.

To my surprise there were valet tokens on the window glass of both cars.

YES The VALET parked them there,

On the spot, a Valet guy with the same name of valet company on his t-shirt as the valet tokens came on his mobilette and tried to help me. He offered to drive my car and move it but I couldn’t trust him with my car, plus there was NO WAY my car cld get out

I could eventually get out because two guys (one of them being the Valet guy and the other an Egyptian worker at a Gas station over there) ACTUALLY CARRIED THE CAR parked in front of me and moved it to the side so that I could get out.

I was really thankful.


When a person goes out and gives his car to a valet person and pays him at least 3 dollars, the least he expects is that the valet guy will park his car at a RIGHT SPOT.

Plus, when it’s a rented car, the car rental companies aren’t supposed to take responsibility of tickets even their clients aren’t aware of (the valet dude will most probably throw away the ticket)…

When I told this story to few of my friends, one of them mentioned that a valet guy didn’t find his friend’s car, which was rented as well. His friend had to pay 10% of the car’s price to the car rental place.

How can I trust the valet guys when I see this? And how are we supposed to trust them with OUR CARS when we witness these events with our own bare eyes!


I’d like to pinpoint that the Valet guy eventually drove next to me in his mobilette and asked me if I live near Gemmayze.

No, hater, I am not being an arrogant and self confident bimbo – but I thought the job description of valet guys does not include hitting on girls during work hours, blocking people’s ways, and causing drivers and car rental institutions trouble.

this is not a generalization, just a notice.

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