Topic: Lebanon. Fake Brands.

ARMANI, DIOR, CHANEL, BURBERRY, LOUIS VUITTON, LONG CHAMP, RALPH LAUREN, TOMMY, LACOSTE and many others…. are all really nice brands; presentable elegant classy trendy and whatever else.

Thing is, in our country, an average guy of a 500$ income per month seems to posses more than nineteen brand name polos (knowing that one original Ralph Lauren polo, for example, costs around 200 dollars here).

An average Lebanese girl, however, usually owns a 20 inch Burberry bag (of at least 500 dollar value), a Long Champ bag for everyday use (of 125 dollar value), and a Louis Vuitton bag worth 600$.

I am not saying all of those possessions are FAKE, but I would say with a clear conscience that 80% of the people here do NOT buy original brand names, because they simply can’t afford it!!!! If I am wrong, Lebanese citizens should stop nagging about the economic situation, because hey your wife’s bags alone are worth thousands of dollars!!

You know when a person is wealthy or not, you can just guess it! Fake brands stand out, and you cannot really fake people around you! A real Louis Vuitton bag wouldn’t have a zipper that doesn’t work one month after buying it; a bartender working his ass off day and night for 600 dollars a month cannot afford buying a 270-dollar worth Burberry shirt, it just does not happen that way!

The funny part is when you ask them where they got their clothes from. “This is not from Lebanon”(Yea Right!), “ABC Achrafieh”(Do you even afford the parking fees there?!), “Josef Eid”(Googled that?), “Down Town Beirut”(Safe much?), or the most horrible lie of the famous “I do not remember” (because of their ego of course and them finding you so materialistic and stupid- i.e: them not doing their Google search well of where to find original brands in Lebanon), all can be translated into BH(i.e: Berj Hamoud) and other disgusting cheap Lebanese stores.
What is more hilarious is your question if the brand product is real. “wallaaw!! Tkheyalee meske dezden mesh asleh! Nya322!! Shu mfakertineh woziye?!”, “hahhahhaha! Akeed hayete, shu ghiyranehh?”, “men kell rassik 3amtes2aleh!?”..

Now, what’s tragic is them getting YOU fake brand gifts?! Honey, if you want to wear fake brands, do it ALONE! I’ve gotten many fake brand gifts from the people I know; bags, shirts, perfumes, and scarves… I sometimes try to wear them, then I would find myself hiding them from people around me, because I personally hate having fake products. Eventually, I end up putting them in some corner in my room, then throwing them months later before spiders take over…

This is no secret: there are many brands you can afford, so why buy fake brands that you cannot manage to pay for?!

Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Mango, Vero Moda, Espirit and many other less-expensive brands are out there. Girls, carrying a Mango bag worth 60 dollars is better than paying the same amount of money for a fake Givenchy bag, and Guys, wearing a Jack and Jones jeans is better than a fake Armani-or may I say Armanni- one!

If you are not a fan of European brand names, go to the Lebanese stores and get clothes that have no BARBERRY, ADIBAS, or LUIS VAITTON in!

You want expensive Brand name products? Work hard for it, study for your university courses, instead of modeling your FAKE possessions in the university’s cafeteria, and try to really afford them someday…

However, if you insist of your choice of clothes, at least search for a place that can actually trick others around you, have the guts to say where you really got them from, and tell yourself and others how cheap and fake they actually are! Last but not least, do not brag and show off of your fakeness, Lebanese jerk!

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