dear lebanesers

dear lebanesers,
1. hayfa wehbe is hot, stop trying to be cool saying shes not
2. no guy would fake being gay to gain attention, so get over yourselves
3. your plastic surgeries wont make him love you more, if it did.. goodluck with changing his diapers and in being cheated on once gravity plays its role on ur extra cheese
4. pose infront of the camera not in the middle of clubs. dance. move. ruin ur makeup. let there be a pond under your armpits. its understandable.
5. reading a book or anything longer than 10 lines is okay, it wldnt make you seem less cool or lifeless
6. theres a difference between fuckbuddies and lovers, thats why the two words exist in urban dictionary
7. make up makes all girls(not just this one) look more attractive, thats why they put it; you are no genius
8. deleting the bridge btween ur distinct eyebrows is being clean, dont panic and outsmart our eyesight – dont leave few rocks from the bridge. you can do it. if you cant do it, no one can :))
9. doing the duckface, selfies, and mirror pictures for girls is like playing a fifa game for guys, theres no need to comprehend it – just accept it
10. we live in lebanon. not in brazil nor germany, not in USA nor Iran, not in France nor Canada
11. traveling to a country doesnt make you one of its citizens
12. stop investigating celebrities’ roots, even if they had lebanese origins, if they were living in lebanon they wouldnt have become celebrities.
with love

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