Pray for Paris? LA2, for LEBANON: W3ou ba2a

This might come out to be mean maybe, but it is how I see it. Hate me or say I’m a hater; argue with me as much as you want, I love to be proven wrong.

It worried me how much people were upset by the fact that the Internet (mainly Facebook and Google) gave more importance to Paris’s recent tragedy than to Lebanon’s.

So many points on my mind, I will not write my thoughts in any order.

One, do you know what Lebanon is?
I know that we are all living this fake life of must-take-pictures-on-instagram at different typical places (like Rikky’z on summer Sundays, next to KAPTN’s elevator that gets you nowhere, and recently posing at The Village infront of the pubs) – even if your siblings, boyfriends, or parents/paparazzis make you feel like you’re Kim K stepping out in Hollywood; you still recognise that we are not even living in a Third World Country, but perhaps a 5th World Country with the whole garbage all around?
You think the world cares about Lebanon? You think WE matter to the world’s economy or politics? We are a country that is living in garbage for the past 4-5 months, and still no real measures were taken. We do not take ourselves seriously, do you expect THE WORLD to take us seriously?


Two, did any of you really PRAY for Lebanon? Like did any of you stop scrolling down your smartphones and actually think of the lives lost and PRAY?
THE WORLD IS NOT ON YOUR PHONES. Whether Google paid tribute to the lost lives or not, DID YOU PAY TRIBUTE? Did you care? Are you scared? Are you worried about your health and life?
For the past decade, did you make any changes with your corrupted institutions and cared about the Lebanese martyrs?

Three, if Paris DID NOT happen, would you be so caring for the Internet to acknowledge our loss?
We all know this is NOT the first time a bomb happens in Lebanon, let alone in the Middle East. We are not daily bombarded by new applications and pop ups and dedications to the Syrian war, are we?
We did however, have an LGBT flag update on Facebook when the homosexuals got their rights at the United States. Guess why? Because it is the United States.
I think being the attentions who*es and f*gs Lebanese people are, most of y’all just felt jealous..
So I read today that Google paid tribute to us afterall, yey *clap clap* – you can go party now in Mar Mkheyel you guys (with the blue and black garbage bags), we exist to Google 🙂

I genuinely BELIEVE that it’s just envy. You guys are simply jealous from each others pictures on social media, a whole Facebook update. Damn! Intense shit, bro. Fight for your Rights!
Why not envy other things the modern world countries have to offer and wake the fuck up?


No one cares about us, no one will, it’s raining outside and guess what: the water cycle in Lebanon is a dirt cycle – and no country in the WORLD gives a flying fuck.

We are the creaters of all this shit hole we are living in, and it’s time to do something.

We can change our reality with hardwork or else, we will always fight for an update on the Internet and probably create it ourselves eventually, just to feel VIRTUALLY EQUAL to civilized countries.


I’m saying this even though I have lost hope, I just couldn’t handle all the PMS Statuses everyone had. Reminded me of two little chicks fighting over a plastic crown.

Pray for Paris, la2 for Lebanon.
W3ou ba2a.

With love,

2 thoughts on “Pray for Paris? LA2, for LEBANON: W3ou ba2a”

  1. Lebanese people always want to be the center of attention! The incident in Paris stole that and we couldn’t handle it. Shame! Anyway what’s really alarming is that we’re getting used to the fact that we’re living in garbage…and the government is doing nothing to solve it. But you said you’ve lost hope! Isn’t that too early?!? I mean if our generation lost hope then let’s pack our bags and leave.

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