more followers. less friends.

[our generation]

we be abusing hashtags to gain “followers” on instagaram.
Followers i.e: people we don’t know, who might follow us and like our pictures, so that we feel better about ourselves by getting recognition and acknowledgement from strangers.


rejecting people who want to be our friends on facebook.
we get daily notifications from people who are usually our friends’ friends – cause most of us use that filter – however, we reject them because we are cool like that, we don’t speak to strangers.


matching with people on Tinder for “friendship” goals
“It is not a fuck app” well, I’m sorry to break it up to you like that, but it is. If you are on Tinder, you are most probably single and wouldn’t mind a hook up. If you are looking for new friends on social media, try going through your friend requests on Facebook or friends list. They might not want to get into your pants. They might, every one wants to eventually, but if you want to make best friends on Tinder, that is not going to happen – except if you’re super duper ugly but super fun; then you belong to the minority of the lucky tinderians.tinder.giftinder-gif.gif


ignoring our friends in real life and getting on our phones instead.
I don’t want to get into the whole “when I’m with friend X, I tell my friend Y im bored on whatsapp; then when I get with friend Y, and make plans on whatsapp with friend X.” read it again if you’re slow – the whole being on your phone while you’re out or in, with your friends is a bit retarded – Live an out of body experience, third-eye see yourself: you and your friend looking down your phones and sitting next to each other. It’s sick. And we all do it.zac-efron-group-texting-tinder.gif


If you don’t enjoy a friend’s company, stop hanging out with them; period. If you enjoy someone’s presence, give them your full attention; done.


Doing things just to post stories on Snapchat.
Now, there’s something positive in that. Most of us fear social rejection, so we want to prove to our social groups that we are active and doing something every day. It is getting most of us more ‘alive’ (AND buying clothes solely for instagram potential is getting people more trendy – and the fashion business working) But, again if you’re doing whatever you’re doing just to prove something to someone/anyone else – and most of us are – DO NOT simply do it!



You create your social image on social media, it’s no secret.
Social media gets you awareness and serves as a bridge between you and your dreams, you and the people you want to be associated with, and you and your friends. But, sometimes turn off your phone, appreciate your surrounding, and give value to your personal relationships.




much love