Movie II: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) M Review


This movie was recommended by a dear friend. One of the best pubs in Lebanon is Lockstock, so I figured out it would be a good movie. I did not just write that.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a crime comedy film written and directed by Guy Richie. It takes you around 15 minutes to understand who’s who and what’s what.


Basically it is the story of a group of four young boys (Bacon, Soap, Tom and Eddie) who put together 100,000 euros to play 3 card against “Hatchet”. Eddie, the card shark of the group, loses to Harry (Hatchet) with a 500,000 euros debt to pay within one week. Hatchet threatens that he would chop off the group’s fingers (literally) if they didn’t pay the amount. So, Eddie and his friends are group one.

lock-stockThe debt is to be collected by Harry’s loyal Big Chris (and his son of course who wivtnesses murder but is not allowed to curse/ hear/ or say any swear word).

Group two is his neighbors, a gang of thieves known for robbing drug dealers; Eddie decides on robbing his neighbors after they’re done from robbing some drug dealers in order to pay their debt to Hatchet. Repetition intended.

Nick “The Greek” provides the boys with a pair of antique shotguns and arranges a deal with Rory Breaker to purchase the stolen weed. So, The third gang is Rory Breaker and his African American boys. 

* Rory Breaker looks like Jimi Hendrix and he’s definitely my favorite character in the movie, along with Eddie’s father, Sting (playing JD).

tumblr_m5iv5v927i1rr202wo1_500 (1)

Gary and Dean are hired to bring back a pair of antique shotguns from Harry’s stolen collection. Yes, the same ones the boys bought.


Rory figures out that the weed he’s about to buy are his and everything gets too messy, beautifully.

oh, And her. She’s asleep, high, and at one point saves the day.


This movie was made with a low budget (1.34 million dollars) and introduced actors like Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham. The way all the groups were connected is crazy and the ending is… (!SPOILER) open ended and awkward.
It gets you thinking that some people are simply unlucky (or not), that what goes around definitely comes back around, and that sometimes you should trust your instinct more than you trust your friends/your loved ones. Oh, and loyalty exists – somehow.
Feelings: It will make you laugh, it won’t make you cry at any point. It might get you restless.
Aesthetics: Some of the scenes are beautifully done.
Use English Subtitles.



One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) M Review

What’s great about this movie is that there are moments where you really laugh out loud (even if you’re alone watching the movie and everyone else in the house is sleeping) it makes you cry and love and hate and even understand suicide, hateful murder, and friendly/mercy killing.


In the movie, Jack Nickolson (playing Randle McMurphy) enters a mental hospital because of his doubtful sanity. The patients’ characters at the mental hospital are impeccable and very diversified. Later on in the movie, we know that some of them are at the Mental Hospital voluntarily and under their own free will. I personally fell in love with one of the characters: Brad Dourif (playing Billy Bibbit) a suicidal young boy who’s traumatized by his mother. Another character that does so little but you will really like with no doubt is Will Sampson (playing Chief Bromden) the calm character who watches, analyzes, helps, and eventually revolts. All the patients are under the supervision of Louise Fletcher (playing Nurse Ratched) who might appear as a nice helpful professional woman – at times, you might even feel some chemistry between her and Randle McMurphy only to figure out later on the exact opposite direction of the movie.


People in leading positions tend to be the most corrupt and psychotic. Perhaps the sacrifice people do for their jobs end up in turning them into cold-hollow-hearted zombies. Nurse Ratched in the movie treats the patients with group psychotherapy, asking them to go back in time to re-experience their disturbances and share their feelings  out loud. While psychotherapy may be one of the fundamental processes that help psychologists identify the source of patients’ troubles in order to help them out, this alone doesn’t do all the work and sometimes even worsens patients’ condition. Remembering day in day out one’s misfortunes will only prolong one’s feeling of dis-ease.

McMurphy in the movie takes the patients out for a sailing day in the ocean, he demands the broadcast of the Ball Game at the hospital, and he throws a party in the hospital’s hallway. All that gives the patients some hope and boosts their confidence; suicidal Billy even stops stuttering.

Instead of being hopeful and optimistic, the nurse didn’t like what was going on, and kept on being strict, depressive, and emotionless.

When McMurphy went missing for some time, you could feel the energy gap at the hospital. It’s beautiful how some people’s energies change the whole environment they’re in. Positivity and being active may be the best therapy there is for any kind of mental or physical challenge. On the other hand, Nurse Ratched’s negativity was the reason of the literal death of at least two characters in this movie.

Psychologists, teachers, supervisors, and all people in powerful influential positions cannot be insecure, unhappy, negative, and hopeless. If they have lost hope, they will never help but ruin other’s lives. In this movie at least eight patients could be eventually set free to go live a decent life, the nurse however was impeding their way and pushing them down instead of releasing them.

Such and many similar institutions are founded for helping people but might end up in the death of all their hope, dreams, intellect, and perhaps lives. And so does anything or anyone that tries to stop you, demean you, control you, condemn you, define you, and confine you.

Definitely A Must Watch!

Movie Reviews M

I’ve always been into movies and acting since I was a little kid. I remember I was in perhaps the most engaging schools in Lebanon when I was young. I was a ballet dancer at 9, then when I was 10 I taught choreography to the younger elementary students and I stood in front of them while they performed it infront of the whole school during the “FunDay” at school. I wrote a script for a program similar to a TV program at the time, but I couldn’t act in it and I’m not sure the other students did it because I had a family trip to Turkey. When I was in high school I acted in two major plays where I was the main actress, and somehow after that I kept this interest dormant. I believed I was good in acting but I didn’t really work on myself much in terms of not education – but observation. I still did gym, took a lot of workshops in acting and self-development or marketing, acted in a lot of senior movies, and watched a lot of movies at the movie theatre. Still, I don’t consider myself that knowledgeable in movies. I haven’t seen all the best movies and that’s what I am about to start. I recently got as much of 50 DVS that I will start sharing with the internet for whomever would be searching its titles for reviews. I hope you find them handy. Just like everything ive done in my life so far, this is not for attention. This is a personal Movies Review with some of the best DVDs I have picked with the help of those passionate – so that I’ll be going back to my personal opinion about every movie I watch.