Movie Reviews M

I’ve always been into movies and acting since I was a little kid. I remember I was in perhaps the most engaging schools in Lebanon when I was young. I was a ballet dancer at 9, then when I was 10 I taught choreography to the younger elementary students and I stood in front of them while they performed it infront of the whole school during the “FunDay” at school. I wrote a script for a program similar to a TV program at the time, but I couldn’t act in it and I’m not sure the other students did it because I had a family trip to Turkey. When I was in high school I acted in two major plays where I was the main actress, and somehow after that I kept this interest dormant. I believed I was good in acting but I didn’t really work on myself much in terms of not education – but observation. I still did gym, took a lot of workshops in acting and self-development or marketing, acted in a lot of senior movies, and watched a lot of movies at the movie theatre. Still, I don’t consider myself that knowledgeable in movies. I haven’t seen all the best movies and that’s what I am about to start. I recently got as much of 50 DVS that I will start sharing with the internet for whomever would be searching its titles for reviews. I hope you find them handy. Just like everything ive done in my life so far, this is not for attention. This is a personal Movies Review with some of the best DVDs I have picked with the help of those passionate – so that I’ll be going back to my personal opinion about every movie I watch.


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