Movie II: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) M Review


This movie was recommended by a dear friend. One of the best pubs in Lebanon is Lockstock, so I figured out it would be a good movie. I did not just write that.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a crime comedy film written and directed by Guy Richie. It takes you around 15 minutes to understand who’s who and what’s what.


Basically it is the story of a group of four young boys (Bacon, Soap, Tom and Eddie) who put together 100,000 euros to play 3 card against “Hatchet”. Eddie, the card shark of the group, loses to Harry (Hatchet) with a 500,000 euros debt to pay within one week. Hatchet threatens that he would chop off the group’s fingers (literally) if they didn’t pay the amount. So, Eddie and his friends are group one.

lock-stockThe debt is to be collected by Harry’s loyal Big Chris (and his son of course who wivtnesses murder but is not allowed to curse/ hear/ or say any swear word).

Group two is his neighbors, a gang of thieves known for robbing drug dealers; Eddie decides on robbing his neighbors after they’re done from robbing some drug dealers in order to pay their debt to Hatchet. Repetition intended.

Nick “The Greek” provides the boys with a pair of antique shotguns and arranges a deal with Rory Breaker to purchase the stolen weed. So, The third gang is Rory Breaker and his African American boys. 

* Rory Breaker looks like Jimi Hendrix and he’s definitely my favorite character in the movie, along with Eddie’s father, Sting (playing JD).

tumblr_m5iv5v927i1rr202wo1_500 (1)

Gary and Dean are hired to bring back a pair of antique shotguns from Harry’s stolen collection. Yes, the same ones the boys bought.


Rory figures out that the weed he’s about to buy are his and everything gets too messy, beautifully.

oh, And her. She’s asleep, high, and at one point saves the day.


This movie was made with a low budget (1.34 million dollars) and introduced actors like Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham. The way all the groups were connected is crazy and the ending is… (!SPOILER) open ended and awkward.
It gets you thinking that some people are simply unlucky (or not), that what goes around definitely comes back around, and that sometimes you should trust your instinct more than you trust your friends/your loved ones. Oh, and loyalty exists – somehow.
Feelings: It will make you laugh, it won’t make you cry at any point. It might get you restless.
Aesthetics: Some of the scenes are beautifully done.
Use English Subtitles.



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