Movie IV: Fight Club (1999) M Review

I grew up to be a rebel who thinks that everything mainstream is not worth experiencing. This popular movie is not overrated at all.

I have been preaching being nice for a while now, but sometimes being nice is mistaken to being a coward, a retard, a sheep, and being calm is mistaken with weakness.

Actors: This movie made me actually like Brad Pitt (playing Tyler Durden), I never liked him. Sick acting for Edward Norton (main), and of course Helena Bonham Carter (playing Marla) is as crazy eccentric weird as always. I’d die to play one of her roles anyways. JARED LETO ❤ *fangirling* plays Angel Face. Yes. Moving on.

Won’t go to the synopsis, you can Imdb that or just be surprised with the movie when it starts like I did =)

Fight Club shows us that:

Inside of us lies a monster. Inside every single person – the janitor, the gardener, the chauffeur, your hairdresser, the waiter, the policemen, the cashier – is an animal waiting to be fueled.

“You wanna make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs.”

Pain makes us stronger. And while we are in it, we should feel it and not run away from it, deny it or control it. We shouldn’t daydream or meditate our souls into a trance. We should experience pain thoroughly, and then after we are done with experiencing it, we can find the solutions to get over it. Once experienced, the pain will leave a mark forever. 

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”


– We always search elsewhere for saviors, but sometimes we are all we need. We all have hopes and dreams and things we want to become, however we still take day jobs and think that a miracle will happen and we will be the person we want to be in five years – and that doesn’t happen, so we get depressed or we forget our dreams. The only person who would save us from all this is our determination on fixing things.  Most people need a trigger to understand that. A trigger might be facing death, getting ill, or just watching a movie.

“And then something happened. I let go.
Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete, I found freedom.
Losing all hope was freedom.”


Self-Destruction sometimes needs to stop. Pain does make us stronger and we should make ourselves invincible, but we shouldn’t hate ourselves (too much that we get carried away) to a point that we stop our happiness. Sometimes, when it feels right we need to simply let go and stop trying to be in control.

“She is a predator posing as a house pet.”


We should believe in ourselves; especially when everyone else around us sees our value and strength and we don’t.

“No fear. No distractions.”

– Men in suits can be easily blackmailed, threatened, and even killed. The corporate life is just as pathetic as any other thing you think is pathetic. The biggest governor, manager, and corporate owner can be manipulated easily. It’s all a retarded scheme, and once playing with those, do not be nice. Be sneaky, be dangerous, be fearless, be sly, or be a sheep – and become one of them.

“We were selling women their own fat asses back to them.”

– Sometimes you don’t have to negotiate, sometimes you need to fight with all you’ve got (perhaps literally) to get what you want – without giving up – TILL YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT.

“- Last words?
– I still can’t think of anything.” 

Definitely a must-watch (if you haven’t already seen it yet)

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