Movie V: Me Before You (2016) M Review

AAAND I finally watched the movie everyone has been ‘crying’ about at Cinemall last night; AAANND I sobbed yes.

In short, Emilia Clarke (playing Lou Clark) is a clumsy simple lazy cute young lady – with a hideous choice of funny colorful clothes – supposedly dating active ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Matthew Lewis (playing boyfriend Patrick); She gets fired from her job and gets a job as a ‘cheerful’ aspect in the life of a handsome man: Sam Claflin (playing Will Traynor) who was previously an adventurous athlete – and has been paralyzed due to a recent car accident. His paralysis is from his chest down. Yes, everything.


Me Before You is Thea Sharrock‘s movie directorial debut, and if THAT is her debut then I cannot wait to see the next movies she directs. Not that I doubt Game Of Thrones actors’ potential, but the chemistry between Lou and Will, their face expressions, and the beautiful energy between all the actors is brilliant. Also, the psychology behind each character is lovely and well worked on.
Both the screenplay and the novel are written by Jojo Moyes; perhaps that’s why the movie didn’t disappoint those who have already read the book.

 I just watched the trailer to make sure I am not the one spoiling the movie (and I had to repeat 5 times because of it being so addictive!!).

In the beginning of the movie, Vanessa Kirby (playing Will’s ex girlfriend Alicia) helped with the paralysis of Will – not intentionally, but when she asked him not to take the bike. In a parallel universe of selfish people, Will would have blamed his physical condition on her and got her to stay with him for that. On the contrary, later on in the movie, we understand that Will pushed her away after his severe injury. Quote her saying to Lou, “you can only be there for someone who wants you to be there.” Will here was thinking You Before Me with his ex- girlfriend.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes (playing Will’s former best friend and Alicia’s current boyfriend-husband-to-be) was definitely jealous all along from Will. In Will’s birthday video, he even says he hates him, jokingly. The Ex-Girlfriend dating the Best Friend is quite classic! From observation and experience, when these kinds of relationships happen, it’s mostly both not moving on right. It is not them being assholes; it’s them going through the same experience together, and eventually getting attached to each other due to weakness and comfort-seeking. Is it real? It’s mostly never real. Did Lloyd consider Will’s feelings before he proposed to marry Alicia? Definitely not. He was definitely thinking Me Before You.
On the other hand, Will can at least know that his love is in good hands. Optimistically speaking, that’s what Lloyd thought of when he approached Will, with wedding invitations, while Will is living the last 6 months of his life.

Jenna Coleman (playing Lou’s sister “Treena”) pleads Lou not to quit her job so that she can afford traveling to study in Europe. Again, she is thinking Me Before You. Still, all the advice she gives Lou in the movie are quite inspiring. She gives Lou strength from her personal acquired wisdom. That’s what sisters are for, right? She also states that she had her share of hard work. Sometimes, after sacrificing a lot of time and energy for others, you start loving yourself and thinking of yourself first, that doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person.


Janet McTeer (playing Will’s mom Camilia) and Charles Dance (playing Will’s father Stephen) are in the hardest situation in this movie. Both of their characters are quite admiring. You could feel from the beginning of the movie how the mother is not giving up when she was hiring a young lady to take care of her son. Keeping hope till the last second that Will will change his mind and decide on continuing his life is his parents thinking Me Before You. At the end of the day however, they were fine with him ending his life, which is the hardest selfless decision parents can take – still, it wasn’t their decision – it was his. No one was feeling or living what he was living.

As for Lou, she is selfless. She fell in love and she could do anything. She tried to do everything she could do to get Will to change his mind. She even breaks up with Patrick, who she has been with for seven years. With Patrick, she was thinking Me Before You; he didn’t deserve her thinking otherwise cause he was thinking Me Before You all along when he got her to do the things that HE likes – without taking her opinion in anything.

In the course of Lou showing Will a good time, she experienced Opera and ocean-diving for the time; she gave HERSELF the best time!


When a person is in love, nothing else matters. Will gave meaning to Lou’s dull life, his paralysis didn’t matter to her. However, his far seeing wasn’t convinced to let Lou suffer with him, he wanted to free her. That’s what love does, it doesn’t lock you and separate you from the world. Love makes you look around and see the beauty of life, love makes you look forward for tomorrow every night and for tonight every morning, love wakes you up from coma so you embrace every wind breeze and every ray of sun, love reminds you of your potential, and when a person loves you, it is the only time that he puts you before himself.

If Will kept her with him, it would eventually turn out to be another Steven Hawking relationship. It would be him being selfish. Just like Will thought of Alicia before himself, he thought of Lou before himself. Love is the only thing that makes you selfless.

Nevertheless, he was ending his suffering when he decided on ending his life, and again that would be him thinking Me Before You – while sparing everyone around him the drama while thinking You Before Me.


STILL, most of us were in love once. We would give the world to go back in time and spend a good 24 hours with the person we lost or life separated us from, right? STILL, even if love frees us we long to be loved and to be held. STILL, we love the attention even if it were platonic and not physical. That’s what got us all crying in this movie. Caring love is so hard to find.

But was it love what Lou and Will had? Did Lou really love him or did she feel useful with him around? Did she love him or his condition? Did he love her or her innocence? Would Will like Lou if he weren’t paralyzed or would she be serving him wine and being ‘A Nobody’? Would have Will gotten paralyzed had he taken the bike that day? Would he change his mind if he was more in love? Is Love even enough when something so big and serious happens?


With an active person like Will, I’m sure love is not enough. He enjoyed the company of Lou, he loved her energy. He was there for her and not the other way around. He had lived good days before. When his wheel chair got stuck in sand, he felt embarrassed when buffed men rushed to help. He WAS one of those guys before. It is definitely hard.

Would you end your life if you were sick and someone was willing to take care of you? Would you let your son take out his life?

What I know is this movie makes us learn that no one can change anyone, that no one should root himself into one city, and that life is too short to not think of your happiness and your comfort first before EVERYONE  else.

Brilliant movie with believable and convincing characters! A Must Watch!

With love!


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