MOVIE VII: Tallatit (2016) M Review

It took me a while to convince my friends to go watch Tallatit at Cinemall – simply for the fact of it being a Lebanese Movie. I was personally excited to watch it ever since I watched its trailer at the Lebanese Movie Guide Awards, however I was disappointed to see the little enthusiasm us Lebanese people have to go watch our own productions. I must admit, I have walked out of a couple of Lebanese movies that, I personally felt, insulted my intelligence and decreased my IQ level, however Tallatit is definitely a must-see for any of you who love to support the local movie industry. Again, the number of people watching Tallatit in comparison to other movies was so low, I felt ashamed!

I’m not sure if one should applaud the director Kristian Abouanni, but the characters in this movie are quite believable; I admired their acting skills! I didn’t find any unjustified movements and theatre recital-kind-of-conversations. I could feel the actors ‘feeling’ – yes, the verb – in this movie. I personally cried – something I do not usually do while watching Lebanese productions.

Tony Issa’s character is so sincere, romantic, and emotional. He’s the man that drives behind you at night and makes sure you are treated like a princess; every girl’s dream love. Carmen Bsaibes’ billboard face is exactly the missing piece when it comes to the overall crew-energy of this movie – a cute poised lady! As for Joy Karam, I don’t know who raised Cynthia and Joy but RESPECT to their GENES; what a Strong Character! Chapeau Bas!


The message in this movie is not cliché at all and definitely hits the spot when thinking of the Lebanese Media Scene; probably why the movie theatre wasn’t too packed? Lebanese people probably like “tjeljou2” and retarded jokes instead of watching their brutal truth.

Lebanese women have innate gifts; most of us are not ONLY beautiful, we are also not walking sex-and-baby-popping machines. I have met great media professionals who basically offered me media space for a certain ‘price’. I am more than proud to say that I rejected every single walking-sperm who tried to come close to my personal space. Unfortunately, many girls have gone through that road to get to the positions they are at now. Although, every girl and woman is free to do whatever she pleases, EVERY SINGLE GIRL who has done that forgot her value, just like Manel Mallat almost did in Tallatit.

Manel was born with the only gift I call a gift – A Lovely Musical Voice. However, we could see in the movie that she was going back and forth with a ‘producer’ who was offering her a big part in a movie – for a ‘price’. She was focusing on acting ‘for a price’ instead of focusing on her main gift, which is singing.

Isn’t that what so many of young girls in the media are doing just to get famous and be on the big screen?

Also, having her heart torn to pieces by her old partner/muse and due to the society/parental pressure of getting married asap, Manel forgot her talent and lost her self-value and self-confidence – when EVERYONE around her didn’t, including the supportive boyfriend-material-Tony Issa.

tony 2

The awful pressure almost-30-year-old women face in this country is the main reason of the disloyal husbands and high level of divorce. Women forgetting their individuality and running after any man who might consider making them pop his babies, is well, disgusting.
I honestly do not know why Lebanese chicks (yes in this context, I will call my gender chicks) would rather go to a club, post selfies and snapchat stories about their colorful-yummy-drinks, wear skinny tight dresses, and talk endless useless conversations about guys, instead of going to watch this socially and cultural/social awakening movie about their/our reality – and perhaps get a hit on their LV heads.

This movie, thank God, is one of the movies that actually stimulates our societies’ brains and does not just go with the flow with the idiocy of our culture. It motivates women to give chances to the right men, to be around the supportive ones, and to be successful.

Go Watch It!

Much Love!


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