Rima Dib: A Mutated Form of …?

I am NOT A HATER. I even wrote a blog article once about not being so harsh on Myriam Klink. But, as I was falling asleep, going through my face book news feed, I saw again Rima Dib’s newest dancing with high heels video and I thought to myself:

I mean the first video with the pillow was okay and daring… The recent ones are too… bleukh… Make it stop!


Logically speaking:

One, She popped out of nowhere.
Where was she before the zbeleh epidemic?

Two, she is as – more – polluting to my eyes as the garbage covering our streets.
I am honestly more repulsed with her recurring updates than I am with the trash junks all over my country.


I pick zbeleh.

I still pick zbeleh.

Four, the garbage wouldn’t share its haters pictures and videos.
I mean if Zbeleh had a fb page, and saw all of our hating pictures, it would find out a way to recycle itself, somehow. It wouldn’t be sharing our pictures and thanking us for making it famous (la tusal lal 3alamiyeh)

… Or would it?


Which makes me wonder:

Was it Rima Dib’s Inspiration?

Did the government fund her music video so we appreciate the ‘manzar of the zbeleh’?

At this very moment I am more bothered by her updates than the picture of Citymall’s blocked bridge covered with waste. What has become of me?


Maybe she is the mother mutant of last year’s waste generation; we might be witnessing more and more of those: The #El3ama Apocalypse

We will very soon accept her updates on our news feed, just like we accept now the waste.. WHAT IS NEXT?

Is the zbeleh as flattered as Rima with all our praise and that’s why it’s still around?

Midnight Questions…  no answers and no moon in sight.

Khalas laisser-faire,
no hard feelings,
kelna 3amenjenn,
she’s cool,
at least she is doing something, yolo..

Had To Blurt it out!
Good night!

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