All Day, All Night with JB ;)

ANOTHER ONE! Guys! Jim Beam is ROCKING the Lebanese Crowd AGAIN – This Time at IRIS Beach Club on the 5th of August 2017!

Supporting the Local Talent Scene is the Main Concept this year with four DJs and a Line-Up of the FINEST 8 Local bands (Meen, Jammit, Iklil, Paola & The Band, Peter & Naji, Rasta Beirut, Happy Faces, Etyen, and Ingrid Naccour).

Come with an empty stomach because there will be some BBQ going on – plus fun inflatables and for you aesthetics, art exhibitions!


Also, @jimbeamslb is giving you a Chance to WIN Tickets if you:

1- Follow @jimbeamlb on instagram & Pose CREATIVELY on instagram with anything that resembles Jim Beam (Bottle, flag, flask, poster…)

2- Post it with the hashtag #caughtoncamwithJB #mayaacraJB

3- Tag me @mayaacra & @JimBeamLb in the picture
PS: Make sure your profile is public till the winners are announced!
Good Luck!!

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Why I never miss a Jim Beam Concert is the VIBE – it has become a Yearly Tradition, all Good Vibes, everyone enjoying the music, making friends, drinking from the Bar, dancing… All Day, All Night with Jim Beam 😉


Click here to Get your tickets Online
Tickets Available at All Virgin Ticketing Box Offices
More info on: 03 126 444



La Wlo – Maya Acra & Abe Younan


enjoying our time at the studio – Abe Younan & I
music production Danny Bou-Maroun
Yes, we were actually recording it while Richard Kallab was filming!

Basically I wrote this poem in March 2016 as a reaction to something someone (a friend) did. I did not want to share it because I felt it was somehow negative? I felt it would make a great DUO though. That’s where Abe fit perfectly!
Abe had already written a couple of lines of a random arabic song. Together, we structured the rest of the lyrics, as a reply to the satirical poem I wrote – and TATAAA! Yes, writing this basically is the result of a disappointment + one session of brainstorming with this music genius – ABE YOUNAN!
Definitely with the mastering of the awesome Danny Bou-Maroun!
Hope you like it!


يعني عنجدّ في نِسْبِةْ زكاء كتير قوية
لَدَرجة إنّو كعيت
في عالم بِكَزبوا عليك وبيضيعوا بكذبتون
بتصير تِطَّلّع فيْيُن إنّو لِكْ ما خيّي مبارح كانت غيرالقصّة
وفي اللّي بِبَيّض وجّ معك وبعد ثانية بيسألك تعملو خدمه
بتكون سْتَغْرَبِتّ إنّو في عالم هيك مناح… بتاكُلْ صدمة
وفي هايدا “الكرياتيف” يلّي بِقَلِّدَك بعد ثانية شو ما تعمل
بالقليلة نطرلَك يومان… لِكْ خَيّي ثانَيتان!
وهايداك يلّي بِنَبّهَكْ من رفيقو… وهُوِّي رفيقو بيسوا عشرة مِنُّو
وإنتَ عارِفْ إنّو نِيّاتو أَوْسَخْ من رفيقو…
وبركي معَقّد مِنُّو لَرفيقو لَأَنو أحسَنْ مِنّو
ويللّي بِساعْدَكْ بِشغْلِة وبْيَعمِل حالو هُوّي عملَكْ
ويللي بينسِيكْ بثانية وبيبرُمْ ضُدّكْ
كرمال قِرشِين وبْيِنسى فضْلَكْ
ويللي بيَعمِلْ حالو بحبّكْ وبيِسأل عنّك
ليروح يحكي لرفقاتو خْبارَكْ
ويللي بْيِستَفيدْ منّك وبكبَّك
مفكَّرَك حمارْ عطَيْطو كلّ شي عندَك
وأضحَكْ شي يللي ما بيقدر يطلّع خبار مِنّكْ
فبحطّ كلام بتمّك
بيكون هُوّي قال الكلام وإنتَ تضحّكتِلّو لتخْلَصْ مِنّو
والأغشَمْ مِنّو هايداك يلّي بصَدّقو
يللّي مفكّرْ المصاري والسيارة والبيت بيعملو الإنسان
والأقرَف؟ يللّ بعلّي صوتو صوبَكْ أوْ بِهِتَّكْ
ليْجرِّب يدَمّْرَكْ لأنّو ما فيْ يسْتَغِلَّكْ
أوْ يسَيْطِرْ عليكْ

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