Ziad Doueiri’s #TheInsult: In the Actors’ Shoes/ Personal Triumph/ Special Scenes

In The Actors’ Shoes:

RUDZ9506“Toni Hanna is the example of every Christian Lebanese man who has suffered and is still suffering till this day because of the civil war. We never denied the aches of Palestinians – why does the world deny our pain? Where was the resistance “المقاومة” when we resisted the Palestinians from taking over our land?
It is true that Palestinians are refugees, but they made Toni a refugee in his own land.”
Camille Salameh Toni’s attorney


CAMA0531I was not a soldier during the civil war – I was young – and I might not even join war if it happens now, but I know what I suffered – and I know that my history justifies my rude attitude this day. I do not want to make my daughter go through all this, but it is all beyond me.
Sometimes, I wish I were Palestinian… Never mind, I did not mean that.”
Adel Karam as “Toni Hanna”


CAMA1247“I empathize with Palestinians because mostly, they are not represented well. I did not know Toni’s history though, it is tough and breaks my heart; I am Lebanese after all, not Palestinian – but, I will fight with my all to win this case.”
Diamande Abboud Yasser (The Palestinian)’s attorney


RUDZ7256“I did not choose to live in Lebanon, but I do. Whether it was Arafat or the plan of the G8, I am here now, building my career. My wife thinks Norway is a great escape, but I want to stay here. I feel successful here, my workers love me, I have moved on – but the Christians haven’t yet, perhaps because they are too spoiled.”
Kamel El Basha as “Yasser” the Palestinian

– – –

Personal Triumph:

I left the movie feeling triumphed because of its many social and political messages. If you’re in it for aesthetic cinematography visuals and severe art direction, don’t be. Yes, it is political. Yes, it is symbolic – and yes, TIME is irrelevant in the movie.
(and yes, there is a prolonged un-avoided loaded detailed dialogue)

The Palestinian case might be outdated to some of us, Toni’s character might not be very common in 2017 – this does not deny the fact that any other case is more worthy of cinema. Perhaps, it is the perfect time to handle this issue. Now, that it is less sensitive.

The Lebanese Christians lost 20 years of their precious lives fighting for the land -that we now TAKE FOR GRANTED – and ended up being labeled as “yobs” and “dogs”.

A “sorry” was enough to make Toni happy.

All this doesn’t mean that the future of Lebanon (Toni’s new born, Sethrida in this movie) should live in grief forever. In the movie, Samir Geagea looks through the lens towards Toni’s eyes and asks him to let go off the past and start a new page.
Lebanon is for all, and it always will be.

– – –

Special Scenes:

Toni’s attorney’s reaction at the court to someone calling Toni a dog:
Even though I mentioned it before, this moment acknowledges the resistance of Christians – this is a moment where most probably many of our parents will shed a tear for the friends they miss, the education they dropped, the money they lost, and the country they miss.

Toni and Yasser Sitting with the president:
In the midst of all the noise, Toni and Yasser sit side by side with the president. This is how politics is, we kill each other while leaders dine and wine together in perfect suits and echoing colognes.

Toni helping Yasser’s car failure:
This image depicts the reality of war. I hear stories of soldiers who let go their utmost enemy because of simply, humanity.
While people around me did not relate or believe the situation, I did. This is a fine example of brothers who till this day eat together but refrain from discussing politics because they know a fight is bound to happen.

Even though Toni was waiting for a personal apology, it was never personal.
He asked for an apology for everything else. It was never about THAT insult in specific; telling you why would be a spoiler.

|||| After watching West Beirut, I expected a similar movie. I had huge high expectations. The Insult is very different. Do not go in thinking of another West Beirut. ||||

Enjoy the popcorn 😉


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