Almost all you need to know about jordan

Knowing the economic and political situation in Lebanon, I am getting messages DAILY from young Lebanese people wanting to relocate and live in Jordan. 

Here is everything I learned about Jordan from the 16 months I lived there. 

Yes, free of charge because your beautiful soul just visited on my blog. Big champagne to you. 


The currency: 
1 JOD (Jordanian dinar) is equivalent to 1.41 USD. 
My favorite OMT place is located on Second Circle Roudabout, Alawneh Exchange.

Telecom (20 JOD – 200 JOD): +77 is orange, +78 is Umniah, +79 is Zain. Zain is positioned as high maintenance, Orange is more youthful and always gives free tokens and such, and Umniah has crazy affordable internet bundles. You get unlimited calls locally in Jordan, my bill reached 200 JOD sometimes because of international calls. I settled for an Orange line after trying the three of them.
Since Lebanese people have a problem with bank accounts, make sure you check out Orange Money and Zain Cash, for money transfers.

Public Transportation (0.25 JOD): I took the bus only once and it was around 0.25 JD a lift.

Transportation Apps (minimum of 1.5 JOD): I always used Careems and Ubers, I would definitely vote for Careems in Jordan. Uber drivers would just cancel on you for no reason and are simply rude. A minimum ride fee is 1.5 JOD. They say Jeeny is good and affordable, but I never used it.

Taxis on the way (1.25 JOD): I rid a lot of those, they’re not the best but sometimes they’re quite nice. I once took a yellow taxi from 5th to 3rd circle and gave him a 0.25 JOD tip, he waited for me to give me a ride back and took off 0.25 JOD from my back trip. SO CUTE. Other yellow taxis were unclean, hygiene wise. I mean make sure you pick the right taxi. Just like Lebanon before the crisis, when cars still existed =p

Renting a car would cost you a minimum of 20-25 JOD daily.

Daily expenditure: I would say minimum is 50 JOD daily, equivalent to 70$. 

El Weibdeh/ Jabal Amman (you can find good deals for 200 JOD – 400 JOD): I was honestly stuck in Jordan due to COVID and was hosted at two homes in 4th and 7th circle. Then moved to a hostel in El Weibdeh for three months. You can find it on Instagram @BaytJameelajo. Another affordable accommodation would be It is also in El Weibdeh. A friend of mine lived in Canary Hotel, which is also an affordable boutique hotel in the heart of the city. You can also check out some buildings in 1st circle, or Rainbow street. 

Tourists usually love Jabal Amman; mainly Down Town, El Weibdeh, 1st and 2nd circle. Rainbow Street (the colorful pubs street) is on 1st circle. “El Balad” or Down Town old souk is in Jabal Amman. This is old Amman, looks like Gemmayze/ Mar Mkheyel/ Hamra. Cutlure is beautiful. You can find the Citadel and old Roman theatre. You can eat at Habibah and El Hachem restaurant.

Between 1st and 7th circle (500 JOD – 1000 JOD) It is preferred if you live between 1st and 7th circle, you would be close to almost everything. You can check @ammanapts or @sophoanimerprojects for cool apartments. Also, you can go to or download Lmeter application for good deals.

Personal Experience: I lived in 1st circle, 4th circle, 5th circle, 7th circle, and El Weibdeh (Yup I experienced it all). I would say 4th circle was the best location because it was close 10 minutes to Al Abdali and 1st circle and 10 minutes to Abdoun and other parts of Amman. Living in 1st circle was magical, I had a roof that over looked Jabal Amman – waking up at 5 AM during magic hour was OUUUUFFFF breathtaking. Living in 5th circle next to Four Seasons was quite practical also, I loved it. 

Abdoun is a bit lavish and pretty to live in. Never experienced it.

Downside of AMMAN: There is Absolutely no beach in Amman, Dead sea is the closest semi-beach and it is an hour far, so zero humidity in Amman. If you are a sea-person like me, and you are into hospitality jobs, relocating to Aqaba would be an idea to look into. 

Shopping: If you like Le Mall in Lebanon, go to Al Abdali Mall – AZADEA mall. You will find Zara, Bershka, and co. City mall is very similar to the Lebanese version of City mall (Ala yerhamo), you can find all types of banks on -1, so you don’t need to worry about visiting the banks during a.m. early hours. TAJ Mall in Abdoun is lavish and big. If you like Souk Zalka, go to Galeria mall, you will find lots of affordable brands that are not AZADEA. Also, for home deco you can go to TXON inside Galeria mall instead of driving all the way to IKEA. Soueifiyeh Village is the hub of local designers, art galleries, and well, you can say it is similar to Saifi village in down town Beirut. Mecca Mall is my least favorite for some reason. Safeway and Cozmo are my favorite for everyday shopping, especially the ones on 7th circle. HUGE! Thrift/second hand shops are crazy in Jordan, go to second circle. LOVE, LOVE LOVE those shops especially for my shoots. I ALWAYS find what I need. One Dollar shops are all around 1st circle, so don’t get ripped off elsewhere. Down Town Old Souk, “Balad” stores have crazy prices, so go down town and save your dollars. 

Gyms: Gold Gyms are huge but gender-divided. Magma gyms are super duper hygienic and CLEAN. I joined Rebecca Odeh’s gym, @rizeupsportscomplex, it is located in Business Park. It is quite impressive, and includes an olympic pool. It was new, clean, and digital. I would go to that. 

Restaurants: Buffalo Wings, Poppeyes, ROVERS, Habibah Sweets, Al Hachem, Yoshi Sushi, Romero, Red’s, Oliva, Umm Khalil, FAME restaurant, Café de Paris, Almond Coffee house… These ones came to mind. I used to order Poke bowls at work but I never memorized their names =P Oh well. 

Fame Restaurant, one of my fav Sushi places

Alcohol: Supermarkets do not include alcoholic drinks. To get alcohol you can contact @getspiritz or Alcohol joints directly on whatsapp (here is one contact: Alcohol Sweidan: +962796079112 delivery charge is 3 JOD). Thank me later.
PS: never carry an alcohol bottle on the streets of Amman, Jordanians usually place them in black grocery bags, completely sealed. 

Pubs and Clubs: My favorite is District and W Rooftop. Second favorite is Brix Pub. Corners is Rockstar-y. High Gardens is chill. The Warehouse is crazy lit. Rustik is cool. You can go to Dali, BABA, Fellows, Sheraton’s Rooftop, Block7, The Good Pub… I went to Clustr in 2019, the Jordanian version of BO18 (kind of), but it is closed during Covid. 

Hairdresser for women: Both in 5th circle, I loved Pace Et Luce @leon.el.hajj in Sheraton Hotel, and “Awad Salon”, located in the same road as Bristol hotel and Fame restaurant, @montaser_asfour in Abdoun is awesome and might give you a % off if you tell them my name. 

Nails for women: Ten of A Kind in Abdoun, in Soueifieh, Nail Gossip in El Weibdeh

One of the coolest spots you can find in Wadi Rum

Outside Amman: You need to go to Wadi Rum and sleep overnight; NEED. I literally just wanted to mutate into a rock and stay there forever when I visited. I personally went to @artcampjo but there are really cool bubbles venues there that you can explore. Petrah is magical, I slept in Mariott Petra; MAGICAL! Aqaba is the Portemilio of Jordan, we rented chalets in Talabay many times, and slept in Movenpick Talabay: it was classy and a walking distance to Talabay. I hiked in Wadi Numeira, Danah, and rid some horses in Madaba. Ajloun and Jerash are beautiful and GREEN. Make sure you go down the zip line in Ajloun Forest and visit “Kal3it Ajloun”. 

Thank you Jordan for being my second home since March 2020, you will be missed xD 

Much Love you guys, 


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