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Nothing Pops Out of Nowhere – M Thoughts

“Look into the depths of your own soul and learn first to know yourself, then you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you and perhaps you will thenceforth avoid falling ill.”
– Sigmund Freud

Motivation quotes are everywhere and they say such quotes make sense to only people with low IQ. However, I have wanted to share this for a long time and tonight my state of mind is right.
Everything that happens in your life, whether it is a mood swing or god forbids cancer (I believe), is the result of something you did or thought or said or felt consciously or unconsciously. To be able to cure from any disease, depression, failure, broken heart, or ache you need to first and foremost DIG DEEP and Learn To Know Yourself.

All your actions are justified, all your mistakes root from somewhere, all your insecurities were somehow triggered, and all your health issues did not just pop for no reason.

When you lose your purse, you go back in your memory and try to remember the last time you used it. You try to track your steps so you can think of the possibilities of where your wallet might be.

Similarly everything you lose can be sought after. Whether it is your happiness, your good health, your soberness, your faith, your heart, your good will, your dignity, your ego, your trust in others, your self-confidence, your freedom, your wonder, or Your Spark!

Dig, try to figure out the cause and start gluing the pieces. Go back to the last time you believed or loved or were happy, and think of what happened after that.

It is not until I realized that my back injury was a result of being surrounded by bad negative vibes, hatred, stress, fatigue, jealousy, routine, a bad lifestyle, a crooked posture, destructive people, sleep deprivation, and an unbalanced diet – which, all piled up, led me to do that wrong move at the gym that I started getting better. It was not just the move itself, it was the state of mind I was in while I carried those weights, I knew I was hurting my back – but still didn’t stop.

which brings me to..

Not everyone is destructive, but many of us are. We often hurt ourselves willingly due to a lack of selflove. If you do not Love Yourself, Stop Your Life and Learn to Love Yourself. Loving yourself is not a power trip – it does not mean stepping on those around you it means the exact opposite.

When you love yourself, you seize the opportunities that come your way perfectly, you believe that you deserve everything life is giving you, you set your standards higher, you attract the right people – the right vibes, you grow – and you glow. The more you glow, the more you will intimidate (you can read this with hate to find gaps) or motivate (you can also read this with wonder to find hope).

which brings me to..

If your past is not letting you love yourself, Learn to Forgive Yourself. I tried this NLP Exercise with a wiseman, and it turned out that I feel better if I held both my arms with my arms – hugged myself. Hug Yourself often and learn to let go off your mistakes. We live in a sick world – everyone is untrue – everyone lies and hides. It gets contagious, unfortunately. Erase whatever reason makes you believe you deserve any less than you thought you deserved. Delete whatever memory convinces you you’re not worthy of good things.

While you’re doing that, forgive others and put yourselves in their shoes.

While you’re doing that, love those who destroyed you because they made you you.

Once you love yourself more, you will become healthier and less destructive. It becomes less likely for you to fall ill or tired, or to get injured – and more likely to be healthy, happy, and prospering.

Enough for tonight,
Finally, Bashir has been waiting for me to post this picture (cover) for ages.

Picture Credit: BashirBouRaffoul

Much Love!

Only if you’re in your 20s

Being 23 reminds me of being 13; girls with moustache, unibrows, underdeveloped tities, and body hair not knowing whether they should start shaving, whether wearing a bra is okay or not, and if playing with barbies is so last year. You know some girls almost lost their virginities at 13 whereas other girls still wore those tutu dresses and went to church every Sunday with their grandmas. Just like thirteen didn’t really feel right, 23 feels really perplexing – different people experience it differently.

I somehow tend to categorize us 23/25 year olds into four categories:

  • Those who are settled down (jumped the 20s)
    Honestly, I believe that being in your twenties is like getting an appetizer at a diner. Being an adolescent is more like only chips. You can’t really afford the appetizers when you’re still (generally) depending on your parents’ salary. In your twenties, you have the luxury to see it all yourself. You start generating your own income that allows you to do whatever you want, spend your time wherever you want, and be around whomever you want. Cause hey, we both know you had curfew before. Even if you didn’t, there were many factors stopping you from getting into certain places or being around the people you want to be around.
    Those who chose to settle down, meaning got married, I guess jumped that appetizer stage and went directly to the main dish. No matter what you tell me, being married in your early twenties is somehow running away from all the challenge and getting into ‘safe hands’. If it weren’t safe, well, it’s actually worse. You are actually not only responsible for yourself but for another baby (other than yourself). If you’re just a couple who doesn’t want to get mini you-s, you as well, jumped into a whole different lifestyle of sharing everything with someone else. It might be nice sometimes, but I guess you could’ve tried to do it first yourself for a while, then got into all this. The feeling of being independent is beautiful, and it’s different than when you were in college.

kidsGetting married at a young age has advantages like being closer to your kids (decreasing the age gap), enjoying retirement with your spouse, and sharing your life with someone else. However, with all these divorce rates, I can’t guarantee married couples will last till retirement, and if they do, they would’ve had some really tough years. Moreover, I guess I have a big age-gap with 20 year olds, it’s not even funny. If I slept for 2 months, I’d have an age gap with my friends my age. The age-gap is bound to exist if I were ten years older than my kids, the generation gaps are so wide these days, I’d rather enjoy my golden years.
However, I am not entirely against early marriage, I have some close friends who are happily married and I wish them the best.

  • Those who are living their teenage years (filling the space)
    Just like some people jump into adulthood full on, and don’t enjoy the moment, others do the exact opposite… those are the people who basically had hard as hell curfews / or were studying all the time back in college/ or where super ugly and had a major plastic surgery makeover (but I’m not gonna go shallow on you) that now have the freedom/ chance to do what the cool kids used to do in college. They’d be throwing house parties every other day, getting high, recklessly partying all the time, getting shit ass drunk and hooking up with random people, getting excited about making friends at any given occasion; not searching for any sort of stability in their lives.ted-movie

I’m not contradicting myself, stability is definitely what a 20-something year old person should aim for, however settling down needs far-seeing and acquired-wisdom that I doubt people might have in their early 20s.
Now you see, there’s a thin line between that and being a free-spirit in your early 20s. Enjoying your 20s definitely includes partying, dating, and meeting interesting people, but with the experience and emotional intelligence that one is bound to have in his 20s, the same activities become different. Different goals. Time becomes too precious to waste it on fake relationships and pointless friendships.

  • The Entrepreneurs (the Risk Takers)
    Those are the freelancers, free-spirits, or the dreamers. If you are one, you have earned my respect already. The entrepreneurs are people who are willingly or unwillingly not working a day-job, but working either freelance projects or building their own small startup businesses.
    Both are definitely risk takers. I know some friends who have even quit their full-time job to work on their projects – dreams. Those people are an inspiration. Again, it’s better to do that in your early 20s than in your 30s -you can’t go all Kramer vs. Kramer on your wife/husband. It’s either you fail or you make it big. If you make it big, I applause you. If you lose, well you can either try again till you win, or you can just surrender to the economic lifestyle everyone else is doing, and be employed.
    If you’re giving this a thought just know this:
    Your lifestyle would be either doing absolutely nothing all day, or zillion things in one day. Some days you’d feel super depressed/unproductive and other days you’d feel you’re on top of the world when invited on radio/tv shows or to events/ seminars.
    *There are some programs, that I’m a fan of, in Lebanon like seeqnce and BDL Accelerate that actually support/fund start-ups. You can check those if you want.
    BxKadavIYAAPCWf.png_large seeqnce
  • The young-Adults (TGIFers)
    Whereas other 20 year olds (mentioned so far) cant really keep track of what’s-today, the young adults count the days till the end of the month – when they get paid. In our capitalistic societies, the TGIFers are playing it safe. They are ofcourse enrolled in a hierarchical institution, working their asses of aspiring of gaining the experience, the know-hows, and the connections in their fields.
    They either want to reach higher positions or want to eventually open up their own businesses with their acquired knowledge. Most of them stay employees their whole lives – dedicate their life to the company they work in. I do admire those, especially if they’ve worked in one company their whole lives. That’s like dedicating your life to God. Of course no company is God, but I appreciate the dedication and I value the opportunity cost those people had to sacrifice to remain in the same environment for years. Others jump around. I appreciate the ambition and adaptation ability of those. Few of them, who have the right resources eventually, open their own businesses. Those would be experienced entrepreneurs – and again risk-takers that I respect.
    Young adults understand terms like Sad Monday and Thank God It’s Friday. They have the luxury to go out every night, but they stick to watching a DVD, reading a book, or even sleeping early on some nights. They hate Mondays and love Fridays just like students. They are busy during the weekdays, so they sometimes forget to plan a cool weekend – but they don’t mind it because hey, it’s always better spontaneous. Young adults lose a lot of friends and tend to feel alienated around the first two categories. They usually associate themselves with older people, but still love to spend quality time with their childhood and family members. They usually have a good-5/10-contacts-group-on-whatsapp that is basically their escape. They’d be sending silly voice notes and pictures back and forth throughout the day. I’d say that usually the young adults make up around 60% out of the population – but unemployment rates are drastic these days, I don’t know if they are the majority.
    Bottom line is, life is all about decisions. Whether you’ll live your teens in your eighties or if you wore makeup when you were four, nothing is wrong or right. If you were lucky enough to find your soulmate at a young age, make sure you are wise enough to take a life-long commitment decision, and make sure you are both adequate to make a living. If you were now discovering life because you couldn’t before, make sure you surround yourself with younger- or at least people you trust who wouldn’t take advantage of you. Know that this phase you’re living is simply what they call psychological ‘défoulement’ – that shouldn’t last forever, or else you wouldn’t really get anywhere – except if you’re planning to be like John, from the movie Ted. If you have the skills to make a living as a freelancer or ambitious enough to start planning your own business, make sure you know the ups and downs of that. As a freelancer, make sure you don’t spend all your money at once when you get money, cause it might not always be available. Even if it’s not your ‘thing’ to be safe, with money, make your best to play it safe. You don’t want your friends paying your share when you go out do you? As a dreamer, know that the probability of failing for a beginner is more than 75% (FFFW). You got to pick up the pieces and start over a lot of times, and if you don’t ever make it, congratulate yourself for trying – not everyone does. Lastly, if you were fortunate enough to land on a job, make sure you don’t succumb your full energy and time into your job that you forget your ethics, or yourself completely. Remember what you loved to do before you started working, do more of your habits. Paint, exercise, play music, go out with friends, watch movies, and act silly. Even if your job is super serious, don’t wear all beige and turn into a dull character. Your job doesn’t define you, it’s you job period. Plus, don’t just settle to one job no matter how safe and easy going the environment is – except if it’s really your dream job. Don’t forget your dreams. Always be up to new adventures/ opportunities. Finally, no matter what, TRAVEL. When you have money, instead of buying a couple of Prada bags or moccasin shoes, book a ticket to whatever country it is, and go. Don’t be picky. Any country in the world is worth it – just don’t go to war zones.

travel-quotesLife is easy, and it’s all a matter of cause and effect. You are now what you’ve been living your whole life to be. If you have dreams and you’re not taking any action towards them, start a to-do list of short-term goals and long-term goals. Keep track of your improvement. If you have friends that you don’t like, cut them off. They wouldn’t have you around if they don’t want you around. If they would, well… Should I continue? Start planning right and you’re going to achieve your dreams. Oh and dream big because dreams do come true.

*So Marc recommended to me this article “The Brain on 23” by Molly Sprayregen that somehow got me writing this article. You can check it out:
Much love!
Maya Akra


A person has accomplished a lot if he inspired one person who is not a part of his close social groups. Even if he didn’t realize his direction himself, if he assisted someone else in his journey when it’s more tangible, his journey becomes more colorful. It’s better to have flowers your whole life and not getting anywhere, than thorns that might prevent you from getting to your target at the end of the way.

Grandpa’s Mansion

life’s too short to not go to every corner you come across in your grandpa’s huge mansion and discover how dim, warm, and safe it is – knowing that once one corner gets too dark and blue you can always hop into your grandfather’s lap in the chimney room and ask Him to tell you a story.
if you think about it, He wouldn’t always have a book in his hands if he weren’t expecting you back & He wouldn’t let you wander all around his chateau if He didn’t want you to explore its corners.
One thing I know for sure though: your Grandpa is too old for hide & seak, and his heart gets too weak when He finds your bed empty before He sleeps.

Don’t feel bad when you go wrong – Be happy when you realize you’re on the wrong track and try to fix it up… Remember, fixing it up succeeds with trial and error

Raising Monsters

I usually directly turn my phone’s video camera on when such things happen in front of me. Sadly, this time I was so appalled I forgot that I was even holding my phone in my bare hands – and that it actually had battery for once.

Here’s what happened. I had a meeting with one of Ashrafieh’s production houses. I was waiting for the elevator to come to take me to the 6th floor, and three beautiful blond kids approached me along with their – I’d call her – Ethiopian ‘nanny’. She was fixing their clothes and telling them to stay away from the elevator’s door so that they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

THEN, I witnessed the rage of a real Cruella, the children’s Mom.
“Why didn’t you close your windows? The kids closed their windows and YOU didn’t. Why didn’t you close them? If you didn’t close them, who would do it… ME?”

Cruella’s voice was beyond the average intensity of anything our ears are bound to hear. She was addressing the nanny.
“EH? Eh? Answer Me! Why didn’t you close it” Cruella continued to scold.

The elevator came and we all rushed in: Cruella, the nanny, the three kids, and I.

Unfortunately, Cruella had the same destination as myself. She buttoned the 6th floor as well.

The elevator didn’t move. The nanny and I were standing facing a white wall.

Cruella murmured to me that I should move away from the wall and then literally barked at the nanny, “Why are you standing like this! Move away from the wall! How can the elevator travel and you’re standing like this!”  “MOOOOOVE!”, she roared.

“Sorry” whispered the nanny in a low discrete voice.

Standing there, I had no choice but to blurt something out loud.

“Please do not shout at her like that” I asked gently.

“Yih! Who are you to ask me to not shout at her? Am I interfering in your personal life? It’s my life and I can say and do whatever I want. You can treat your ‘servant’ the way you want. It’s none of your business how I speak to her…Yih!”

Disappointed from her reply,“She takes care of your kids, she helps you, be nice,” I said. “ It’s basic human rights,” I continued. (I felt I looked stupid when I said that, but I was literally revolted)

Cruella got furious, blabbing to herself, I could feel the dark clouds ranging from both sides of her ears.

I got to the production house. To my surprise, Cruella wanted to cast her kids for some upcoming commercials. She waited for me, eyeing her throughout the conversation, as I spoke to the manager. Should I tell her anything infront of everyone in the production house? Should I call Child Control to take those beautiful young angels away from her and save a planet? Or, should I just be sorry for such mothers living among us raising up monsters? Monsters who will eventually, instead of being grateful to others, exploit the power given to them to abuse the less fortunate?

Think of it this way, there are two possibilities: The nanny being abused will either >

A. Keep on being nice and tolerating this harsh treatment > the kids would grow up believing it is just normal to shout at those who work for them > we will raise a generation of arrogant, power-blinded, ungrateful cocky selfish assholes

B. Or she will literally take her revenge on the vulnerable kids when the parents aren’t around (and we all know that the parents aren’t most of the times around these days) > we will raise a generation of psychologically disturbed kids

I don’t know if you agree on this, but I hope you just think twice everytime you see a nanny , a helper, or a cleaner at any household, company, or club you’re at. Put yourselves in their shoes for 2 seconds, and no matter what is going through in your mind at the moment, try to draw a smile on your face to their direction and try to let them feel you’re grateful they’re around to clean your toilets at clubs, cook your food, take care of your kids, and wipe the floor your shoes step on.

I don’t hate you Cruella, I detest your parents for creating a monster*

With Love,


*this has nothing to do with lady gaga monsters ^_^

Lebanon 1933 – 2012

جبران خليل جبران
حديقة النبي ١٩٣٣

ويل لامة تكثر فيها الطوائف وتخلو من الدين
ويل لامة تلبس مما لا تنسج ، وتأكل مما لا تزرع، وتشرب مما لا تعصر
ويل لامة تحسب المستبد بطلا”، وترى الفاتح المذل رحيما”
ويل لامة تكره الشهوة في احلامها وتعنو لها في يقظتها
ويل لامة لا ترفع صوتها الا اذا مشت بجنازة، ولا تفخر الا بالخراب
ولا تثور الا وعنقها بين السيف والنطع
ويل لامة سائسها ثعلب، وفيلسوفها مشعوذ، وفنها فهن الترقيع والتقليد
ويل لامة تستقبل حاكمها بالتطبيل وتودعه بالصفير،
لتستقبل اخر بالتطبيل والتزمير
ويل لامة حكماؤها خرس من وقر السنين ورجالها الاشداء
في اقمطة السرير
ويل لامة مقسمة الى اجزاء وكل جزء يحسب نفسه أمة

بْحبّ قولْ:

ويلٌ لأُمَّةٍ لا تَتقَدَّم
وَيْلٌ لأمّةٍ لا يَزالُ يُطَبّقُ عليْها شعْرٌ كُتِبَ منذُ ٨٠ سَنَةٍ

وَيلٌ لأُمةٍ تَخسَرُ شَبابَها مِنْ جَرّاءِ عدم مُبالاتِها
هَبَلِها… جَشَعِها… وَتَبَعِيَّتِها

وَيلٌ لأُمّةٍ لا تَضعُ الشعبَ أَوّلاً
وَويلٌ لشعبٍ لا يَكْتَرِث للوَطَنِ أَوّلاً
يَحبُّ ذاتَهُ.. يَبغَضُ غيْرَهُ.. ولا يأْبَهْ بمصيبةِ أَخيهِ

نحنُ نرى الويلَ بِأَعْيُنِنا
ونَلْمسُه الآن كُلّ دقيقة

والعَتبُ ليسَ على الدّولة
وَلا على القانونْ

العَتَبُ عَلَيْنا نَحنُ

شَعبٌ طَمّاع… يُباعُ وَيُشْتَرى…
وَسَلْخُنا قريبْ.

with Love


Somewhere along the way, everything collapsed
Everything I’ve ever learned,
Everything I’ve fought for
Everything I believed
It all changed,

As if they were lying to me,
As if all the books, philosophers, and religions spoke of the absurd

Is this what should happen?!
Should I come to this realization?
Or is it a sin?

Somewhere along the way, I lost my self

I became the person they warned me of
The person I never felt I’ll become

Is it normal?
Is it how life is?

You research the consequences of things,
You formulate convictions and beliefs,
You create your personality

Then when ‘you’re out there’,
You forget what your parents and teachers have taught you, and what you read
You contradict your own rules of conduct,
Your own morals and values

You look at yourself in the mirror, and directly look away
Or try to put on some makeup
To change the way you look
To cover up all the insecurities and disbelief
Of the monster staring back at you
Trying to possess your presence

You cover your eyes and open them again
Only to see a reflection
Of what you were like
5 years ago
When you were still a child, a kid, a student, and a believer*
*not a belieber 😉

You realize that
Somewhere along the way, someone or something took your soul from you and played dice
Somewhere along the way, you sold your soul

And never thought twice

But now, you don’t want it… but demand it back…
Not your innocence but your values,
Not your ignorance but your experience,
Not your fear but your vigilance,
Not your selfishness but your arrogance

It’s just a phase,
The one who doesn’t pass through it
Should envy the one who has
For he will be forever enlightened and wise
To never get back there,
To share his scrutiny
And to push the ones stuck in it for a brighter life


So I heard…

You know I wrote my first poem when I was nine. Its title was: people’s sayings.

It went as following:
I talked to you, people said I liked you
I played with you, people said I loved you ( played as in chase, in school )
I walked with you, people said (whatever , I forgot… (walked as in walked together during the school’s recess) )
Then, the poem goes like I lost you, because of what they said. It was something like I lost a friend because of people’s sayings.

In this poem I was meaning Chang, a friend in school. He used to like me, but I hated the fact that people talked a lot and made us grow apart because of their bullshit.
Now THAT was a long time ago.
But, still the fact that people only mean harm doesn’t change. Sometimes it is not that they MEAN harm, sometimes it’s just that they CAUSE harm.

One dire truth I learned: DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE SAY, they might DESTROY you.

I’ll talk about two important aspects people can interfer in: our dreams and our relationships.


Every kid has a dream, and dreams usually range from being something very reachable, logical, and simple to being very ambitious, irrational, and absurd.

A girl who wishes to become a fashion designer tells her family, her teachers, and her friends of her dream. Chances are most of them will crush that dream. “A fashion designer?? Seriously?! Keep dreaming kiddo, that dream ain’t becoming real… Ever…” is what her uncle will most probably say. Her brother will most likely make fun of her by telling her she has no taste at all. Her mother will tell her of her own dream at childhood of becoming a princess. She’ll tell her childhood dreams are always absurd.
Then, comes her teacher – to most students, teachers are the ones who know-it-all, since they are so perfect to do mistakes because hey, they’re the ones who are teaching them everything and correcting their mistakes in exams. So, the teacher will ofcourse come against the little girl by telling her that she should focus on her studies and not dream that silly dream. She has a long way of studying math, physics, biology, history, philosophy, English, and so on… fashion designing is a whole new world, unrelated to her world.

Now, the girl will be hammered, smashed, but will soon get over it- and get over her DREAM.

At the age of 16, she’ll realize that a lot of people out there are actually fashion designers and are not Martians. She’s love it again, and decide that after high school, she’ll major in fashion design!

Here comes everyone to smash her AGAIN. She guesses they’re right. She did study all that physics, math, English, sociology, philosophy, history… afterall! After fifteen years of school and hardwork, she is not going to throw that all away because of a stupid childhood dream! So, she’ll probably major in a major that her surrounding will label as “SAFE”, regardless if she likes it or not. “You don’t want to be a dependant woman do you? You should be a financially independent woman! We are in the 21st century!” always echoes in her head.

At the age of 41, she’ll meet an old school friend- whom in turn destroyed her dreams when they were young. To her surprise, this friend grew up to be a fashion designer! The Hammered Girl will remind her of her old criticisms and mocking back in the days when they were young, and the fashion designer will smile saying, ”oh we were just kids! Plus, I worked hard to be here, and I didn’t listen to anyone’s opinion. If I did, I’ll be some lame business woman, a serious boring engineer, or a fat lifeless doctor- or nurse since I was not that bright in biology”. Here, serious boring engineer aka Hammered Girl will go silent. Fashion Designer will be surprised,” don’t tell me you are one of those, omg, I am so sorry I don’t mean those are bad professions, if you love them and you fit there, I am sure you’re happy,…….”

Here, Hammered Girl will look at Fashion Designer not hearing a thing, thinking of only one sentence “ I didn’t listen to anyone’s opinion”. Why didn’t SHE do the same?

Why did she listen to the people who crushed her? But, it’ll be too late! She will still have to go to her office each day, do her boring job, and go back home check some websites and magazines about the latest trends, watch a bit of fashion tv, then sleep early so that she’ll be able to wake up early the next morning for some BORING BORING work.



People love to gossip.
Some gossips are actually true. They’d reveal the hidden truth, so they’d uncover the liar’s lies, and let the lied-to person judge. But usually, gossips are somehow malleable. Meaning that people usually fold the truth so that the gossip will become more juicy, and worth gossiping about.

Many friends grow apart because of people.
Many relationships end because of what ‘they heard’.

When a part in a relationship hears something from a third part, he might not believe it, but their trust towards the other part in the relationships starts to shake. And once the other part shows any kind of distrustful actions, the part who has heard something will lose his trust completely to the other person.

Without trust, a relationship would fail since it becomes meaningless. The other part will not understand what happened, and chances are he will never get what really went wrong since the third part who interfered threatened the person who has heard something of NOT TELLING ANYONE ( aka the other part in the relationship ), because he doesn’t like to interfere and cause problems. HELLO!?! YOU ALREADY DID YOU ASS HOLE!

The first part in the relationship will actually keep this trust going on with the 3rd part and won’t say anything to the shocked part in the whole story, because of the great concern the third part has shown him. How nice of him to actually step forward and reveal the truth, and how foolish he were to not know it all along!!

Still, that truth may be so insignificant for the shocked part that he will keep on asking WHYs, because his reason isn’t letting him know the answer.

Two years later, the shocked part will know what really happened. He’ll explain to the first part that whatever she heard is untrue, and that people were just messing up with her head! The first part will not digest the idea properly, might either not believe him- since trust is wouhou inexistent anymore, or will actually believe what the shocked part is saying but will tell him it’s too late now.

Now the first part will know something about the third part’s friend or lover and step forward to tell her/him. The third part will tell the first part that he doesn’t believe him, and will go on with his relationship.

BANG! “Why didn’t I not believe what he said two years earlier!?!” asks himself the first part.


People are never happy for you, so spare yourself the questions.

Names are changed.

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Cynical Much?!

To many, I am young. To many, I do not have the experience to share my so-called-knowledge.
But to me, nineteen years are enough to grasp a bit of knowledge.

After my so-called experience with our creature, I have come to a conclusion about us human beings.

We are simply a disappointment, maybe not to humanity as a whole or to history in the future, but to other human beings living with us, on the same planet.

A lot of parents are disappointments to their children. Children tend to accuse their parents of their mistakes. If their parents did not give them all they needed, they’d complain about them not giving them enough. If their parents provided everything to them, they’d complain how their parents spoiled them, how they got more than enough, how their parents did not push them into being hard workers. If their parents weren’t present emotionally, they’d blame them for that. The same applies if they weren’t so present financially. If the children did not enhance their gifts and tendencies, their parents are to be blamed again because of their lack of motivation.

As for the parents (in most cases, no severe cases being mentioned), all they want and care is for their children; their safety, their happiness, their well-being, their education, their success… each parent sees those qualities in their own way… money is one way, being strict is another way, being a very nice and cool parent is a third tactic …ect…

That is one thing most children do not know. They just see the gaps, and point fingers.

On the other hand, children are mostly disappointments to their parents. Not being so successful, being successful and busy to actually be around when they get elderly, being there only financially, failing, acting rude, committing suicide, deviating, taking drugs, dating or marrying the wrong person in their opinion……are all disappointments to parents.

To the children, they are just experiencing life, the way their parents did. They are making their own mistakes, going through their own ups and downs, bearing their own consequences…

Teachers are disappointments to students. Students think of their teacher as a flawless person who teaches beneficial things. However a teacher is a human being, and he does mistakes. When a student hears about a mistake the teacher did, he’d awe, and get disappointment of his imperfection. The whole “teacher idea” will collapse. He’ll soon understand that a teacher is just a person getting paid, it’s a job, he’s not God’s messenger.

Students are disappointments to teachers. A failing student is a disappointment. A good student failing in life is another disappointment. A student becoming successful, and not being grateful for his teacher is a third disappointment.

Love is a disappointment. When our loved one cheats on us, we are disappointed. When he leaves, gets over us quickly, breaks our hearts, does the simplest things that annoy us or mismatch our own personality and values, we get disappointed. Wow, so he is not Mr. or Mrs. Perfect after all! – To us.

Friends are disappointments. When u know a friend that u have befriended for a long time is in love with u and he/she is just looking for that with u, you get disappointed. When he/she stops talking to you when he/she knows you’re not interested, you get MORE disappointed. When your friend ditches you for her/his new circle of friends, when you notice that he/she was using you just because you have a nice car or because your friends are cool, when your friend badmouths you and talks behind your back, when he or she betrays your trust and spreads your secrets, when he ignores you in front of others, you get disappointed.

Fact is, a person might fall for you, you should be happy, you are a lovable person. He might stop talking to you, to get over his love. When your friend ditches you, he is just so caught up and excited about her new life. If you try constantly to recap your friendship, you might still grasp little intimate moments with him. When a friend uses you, be glad, you now know people’s intentions, but hey after all, maybe you’d do the same if you were them! When a person talks behind your back, mostly, there is a cause for his actions.

Relatives are disappointments. When in times of grief and sadness or extreme happiness and ecstasy (of a new baby born for example), family members not being around is atrocious. When relatives favor money and possessions over brotherly love and blood, things get really awful.

Still, we live in a very busy world, most of us are so caught up in their world, they have little time to think of other people, and since money is what makes the world go round, it also controls people and their love.

We are God’s disappointment. If Adam and Eve existed, they were God’s first disappointment. All the wars, the atrocities, the greed, and the evil are disappointments to our creator.

Even if disappointments are explained and verified, they are still disappointments after all.
I sound pessimistic I know, but to see lovers still in love with no regrets nor grudges, parents so proud of their children, children so grateful in every way to their parents, best friends remaining really forever, and peace prevailed on earth is really a very extremely rare thing.

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