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Somewhere along the way, everything collapsed
Everything I’ve ever learned,
Everything I’ve fought for
Everything I believed
It all changed,

As if they were lying to me,
As if all the books, philosophers, and religions spoke of the absurd

Is this what should happen?!
Should I come to this realization?
Or is it a sin?

Somewhere along the way, I lost my self

I became the person they warned me of
The person I never felt I’ll become

Is it normal?
Is it how life is?

You research the consequences of things,
You formulate convictions and beliefs,
You create your personality

Then when ‘you’re out there’,
You forget what your parents and teachers have taught you, and what you read
You contradict your own rules of conduct,
Your own morals and values

You look at yourself in the mirror, and directly look away
Or try to put on some makeup
To change the way you look
To cover up all the insecurities and disbelief
Of the monster staring back at you
Trying to possess your presence

You cover your eyes and open them again
Only to see a reflection
Of what you were like
5 years ago
When you were still a child, a kid, a student, and a believer*
*not a belieber 😉

You realize that
Somewhere along the way, someone or something took your soul from you and played dice
Somewhere along the way, you sold your soul

And never thought twice

But now, you don’t want it… but demand it back…
Not your innocence but your values,
Not your ignorance but your experience,
Not your fear but your vigilance,
Not your selfishness but your arrogance

It’s just a phase,
The one who doesn’t pass through it
Should envy the one who has
For he will be forever enlightened and wise
To never get back there,
To share his scrutiny
And to push the ones stuck in it for a brighter life


So I heard…

You know I wrote my first poem when I was nine. Its title was: people’s sayings.

It went as following:
I talked to you, people said I liked you
I played with you, people said I loved you ( played as in chase, in school )
I walked with you, people said (whatever , I forgot… (walked as in walked together during the school’s recess) )
Then, the poem goes like I lost you, because of what they said. It was something like I lost a friend because of people’s sayings.

In this poem I was meaning Chang, a friend in school. He used to like me, but I hated the fact that people talked a lot and made us grow apart because of their bullshit.
Now THAT was a long time ago.
But, still the fact that people only mean harm doesn’t change. Sometimes it is not that they MEAN harm, sometimes it’s just that they CAUSE harm.

One dire truth I learned: DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE SAY, they might DESTROY you.

I’ll talk about two important aspects people can interfer in: our dreams and our relationships.


Every kid has a dream, and dreams usually range from being something very reachable, logical, and simple to being very ambitious, irrational, and absurd.

A girl who wishes to become a fashion designer tells her family, her teachers, and her friends of her dream. Chances are most of them will crush that dream. “A fashion designer?? Seriously?! Keep dreaming kiddo, that dream ain’t becoming real… Ever…” is what her uncle will most probably say. Her brother will most likely make fun of her by telling her she has no taste at all. Her mother will tell her of her own dream at childhood of becoming a princess. She’ll tell her childhood dreams are always absurd.
Then, comes her teacher – to most students, teachers are the ones who know-it-all, since they are so perfect to do mistakes because hey, they’re the ones who are teaching them everything and correcting their mistakes in exams. So, the teacher will ofcourse come against the little girl by telling her that she should focus on her studies and not dream that silly dream. She has a long way of studying math, physics, biology, history, philosophy, English, and so on… fashion designing is a whole new world, unrelated to her world.

Now, the girl will be hammered, smashed, but will soon get over it- and get over her DREAM.

At the age of 16, she’ll realize that a lot of people out there are actually fashion designers and are not Martians. She’s love it again, and decide that after high school, she’ll major in fashion design!

Here comes everyone to smash her AGAIN. She guesses they’re right. She did study all that physics, math, English, sociology, philosophy, history… afterall! After fifteen years of school and hardwork, she is not going to throw that all away because of a stupid childhood dream! So, she’ll probably major in a major that her surrounding will label as “SAFE”, regardless if she likes it or not. “You don’t want to be a dependant woman do you? You should be a financially independent woman! We are in the 21st century!” always echoes in her head.

At the age of 41, she’ll meet an old school friend- whom in turn destroyed her dreams when they were young. To her surprise, this friend grew up to be a fashion designer! The Hammered Girl will remind her of her old criticisms and mocking back in the days when they were young, and the fashion designer will smile saying, ”oh we were just kids! Plus, I worked hard to be here, and I didn’t listen to anyone’s opinion. If I did, I’ll be some lame business woman, a serious boring engineer, or a fat lifeless doctor- or nurse since I was not that bright in biology”. Here, serious boring engineer aka Hammered Girl will go silent. Fashion Designer will be surprised,” don’t tell me you are one of those, omg, I am so sorry I don’t mean those are bad professions, if you love them and you fit there, I am sure you’re happy,…….”

Here, Hammered Girl will look at Fashion Designer not hearing a thing, thinking of only one sentence “ I didn’t listen to anyone’s opinion”. Why didn’t SHE do the same?

Why did she listen to the people who crushed her? But, it’ll be too late! She will still have to go to her office each day, do her boring job, and go back home check some websites and magazines about the latest trends, watch a bit of fashion tv, then sleep early so that she’ll be able to wake up early the next morning for some BORING BORING work.



People love to gossip.
Some gossips are actually true. They’d reveal the hidden truth, so they’d uncover the liar’s lies, and let the lied-to person judge. But usually, gossips are somehow malleable. Meaning that people usually fold the truth so that the gossip will become more juicy, and worth gossiping about.

Many friends grow apart because of people.
Many relationships end because of what ‘they heard’.

When a part in a relationship hears something from a third part, he might not believe it, but their trust towards the other part in the relationships starts to shake. And once the other part shows any kind of distrustful actions, the part who has heard something will lose his trust completely to the other person.

Without trust, a relationship would fail since it becomes meaningless. The other part will not understand what happened, and chances are he will never get what really went wrong since the third part who interfered threatened the person who has heard something of NOT TELLING ANYONE ( aka the other part in the relationship ), because he doesn’t like to interfere and cause problems. HELLO!?! YOU ALREADY DID YOU ASS HOLE!

The first part in the relationship will actually keep this trust going on with the 3rd part and won’t say anything to the shocked part in the whole story, because of the great concern the third part has shown him. How nice of him to actually step forward and reveal the truth, and how foolish he were to not know it all along!!

Still, that truth may be so insignificant for the shocked part that he will keep on asking WHYs, because his reason isn’t letting him know the answer.

Two years later, the shocked part will know what really happened. He’ll explain to the first part that whatever she heard is untrue, and that people were just messing up with her head! The first part will not digest the idea properly, might either not believe him- since trust is wouhou inexistent anymore, or will actually believe what the shocked part is saying but will tell him it’s too late now.

Now the first part will know something about the third part’s friend or lover and step forward to tell her/him. The third part will tell the first part that he doesn’t believe him, and will go on with his relationship.

BANG! “Why didn’t I not believe what he said two years earlier!?!” asks himself the first part.


People are never happy for you, so spare yourself the questions.

Names are changed.

Also found on : http://mayaakra8.blogspot.com/