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1, 2, 3 Fly: Finally Paragliding @flylebanonparagliding

I finally did it: Paragliding over Harissa after telling myself I want to for over ten years – wow I am getting old


I cannot find the reason of why I did not do it before, but I would definitely do it again.


I have answered below some misconceptions about paragliding that I wish I knew before:


Misconception 1. It is boring, you just go down the hill and that’s it!


Actually, you don’t. The paraglider can move the way he likes, up down left and right. We actually went horizontally all the way to Harissa then stayed on top of the sea for quite some bit.

If you like Adrenaline and you fly with someone as good as Walid Medawar from @flylebanonparagliding you can get your own share of Adrenaline Rush with tricks like the 360 degrees we did.
Still, It is not sky diving. You are floating in space, but you can float the way you like; you can stay as much as you like; and you can go as crazy as you want to go


Misconception 2. It is so scary


Well, I’ve loved crazy rides ever since I was little but let’s just say that if you ever tried parasailing you might as well enjoy paragliding. But yes, paragliding is much more interesting and ‘free’ – you are not stuck on a pillar


Misconception 3. Flying with a professional is uncomfortable


It all depends who you are flying with. I flew with Walid Medawar for more than 24 minutes, and I was not bothered at all. On the contrary, I was lucky to fly with him because of his noticeable passion towards paragliding. The fact that Walid still enjoys flying after doing so for over 20 years made me enjoy it even more! He is interactive and caring – and somehow intellectual. I felt safe and in good hands. That is all you should feel when you’re flying up in space right?


Of course you are freer when you fly alone if you practice it well, but flying with a reputable paraglider is not bad at all – it actually keeps you company!


Misconception 4. The Take Off and Landing might get challenging


Just focus and listen. Even though I have wanted to do it for a while, I did not read any blog or book before going paragliding. I just listened to my instructor, and I did not face any difficulties.

In the take off, you just walk then run facing the wind that is blowing you back.

In landing, you just stand up when your instructor counts “3”.

I did both exactly as told & hey! I love it!



Do everything you want to do before you’re fat, old, and annoying.

Note: Walid gave me a GoPro which took pictures automatically every 5 seconds. Check out the edited footage I took:

Enjoy the winds & the view – and my video 😉

With Love!



15 Minutes of Fame

Saturday was crazy. I joined the NOMAD EXPEDITION and discovered the beautiful virgin lands of Akoura, reached back from Beirut at 7:30 – and I had to make it to Qanat Alfa Alyaum Channel / OSN’s backstage of the show “Baddi Ra2yak” before 8:30 – Top Camera was 9 pm! Yes, basically they did both my hair and my make up in less than 30 minutes! (thus never mind how I looked!)

The question we discussed was the below:

Do you like to be famous? (from @badera2yak’s twitter) 
| Answers & results were as follows:
– Yes, why not (19%)
– Not at all (28%)
– I don’t aim for it, but I would be glad if it happened (30%)
– I don’t like to be in spotlight (23%)

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.43.01 PMSince Al Youm TV is a paid television, you won’t be able to watch the discussion online, however I will break down what we discussed below:

  • Fame might sometimes cause depression – especially when achieved quickly. We all know the ’15 minutes of fame’ – generally, what comes fast also goes fast.
  • Fame should not be an aim but a result of hard work and success – or else it might get disappointing
  • Fame in modern society is measured by the number of following an individual (or company) has therefore existing on social media is not only vital but inevitable 
  • Social media also provides a shortcut to fame 
  • Fame is responsible – meaning, every relatively famous individual has social responsibility of increasing awareness to good social causes which he should advocate whenever needed
  • A famous person doesn’t need to get his followers into his house – the panelists explained privacy of a household as “red lines” – however, this is definitely the decision of every famous person – some of them enjoy it (like the Kardashians) some don’t (like Nancy Ajram) 
  • Followers are (generally) not stupid and can sense when a person is genuine or fake – a fake life on social media can be easily spotted; fake profiles eventually cease to exist
  • No matter how strong social media is, traditional tv appearances still have a huge impact on shaping a celebrity’s prestige (media needs celebrities and vice versa)


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 9.51.03 AM

I am one of the people who added to the 3rd answer. Being famous is never my aim, however success is – if fame followed, I wouldn’t mind it 🙂

What are your thoughts about fame? 

Set A Goal, being famous is not one!
With Love,

I learned كوميدي عالواقف in 48 hours: @comedycentralar #ComedyHunt

I have been off the map for the past 48 hours and this is why:

Comedy Central Arabia OSN (namely the comedians Khaled Omar and Ali Al Sayed) came all the way from Dubai to give us comedy-interested people a 2-day-workshop:

[Sunday September 24 2017]
An Open Mic (us trying our material and trying the stage out)

[Monday September 25 2017]
A Full Day Workshop introducing the classical Structure of a good Stand Up Comedy show & An Assignment that will guide us to developing a good show

[Tuesday September 26 2017]
Workshop Day II: presenting our prepared stand up show in front of our peers then at 8:00 pm in front of our friends in A Legit Stand Up Comedy Show at Retro Active Monot


What I took from this workshop?
A Stand Up Comedian is the writer, director, and performer of his show.

A Good Stand up comedian:

  • Comes up with his own material – something that he cares about
  • Avoids mentioning genital organs or swear words – just for the heck of it
  • Never disrespects another comedian
  • Knows well how to be an audience member – Zips it
  • Attacks Up never down – An ugly girl attacks Victoria Secret models and not vice versa
  • Always makes the audience feel superior

A Good Joke consists of a premise (subject), Setup (place/location), and Punch line.
Types of jokes:

  • Acting Out
  • Impressions In Sounds (the impression is not the joke, whatever is being said should still sound funny even if there was no impression)
  • Compare & Constrast
  • Analogy
  • Breaking Logic: Exaggeration

A one-hour stand up show doesn’t mean a longer build up for jokes; Louis CK presents one-hour sets consisting of one-minute-jokes.

It is best to start with a 5 minute set, then move to a 10, 15, 45, and 1 hour sets. Classically, the show should start and end up with the funniest material.

So much love for our mentors & the Comedy Central production team!

La Wlo – Maya Acra & Abe Younan


enjoying our time at the studio – Abe Younan & I
music production Danny Bou-Maroun
Yes, we were actually recording it while Richard Kallab was filming!

Basically I wrote this poem in March 2016 as a reaction to something someone (a friend) did. I did not want to share it because I felt it was somehow negative? I felt it would make a great DUO though. That’s where Abe fit perfectly!
Abe had already written a couple of lines of a random arabic song. Together, we structured the rest of the lyrics, as a reply to the satirical poem I wrote – and TATAAA! Yes, writing this basically is the result of a disappointment + one session of brainstorming with this music genius – ABE YOUNAN!
Definitely with the mastering of the awesome Danny Bou-Maroun!
Hope you like it!


يعني عنجدّ في نِسْبِةْ زكاء كتير قوية
لَدَرجة إنّو كعيت
في عالم بِكَزبوا عليك وبيضيعوا بكذبتون
بتصير تِطَّلّع فيْيُن إنّو لِكْ ما خيّي مبارح كانت غيرالقصّة
وفي اللّي بِبَيّض وجّ معك وبعد ثانية بيسألك تعملو خدمه
بتكون سْتَغْرَبِتّ إنّو في عالم هيك مناح… بتاكُلْ صدمة
وفي هايدا “الكرياتيف” يلّي بِقَلِّدَك بعد ثانية شو ما تعمل
بالقليلة نطرلَك يومان… لِكْ خَيّي ثانَيتان!
وهايداك يلّي بِنَبّهَكْ من رفيقو… وهُوِّي رفيقو بيسوا عشرة مِنُّو
وإنتَ عارِفْ إنّو نِيّاتو أَوْسَخْ من رفيقو…
وبركي معَقّد مِنُّو لَرفيقو لَأَنو أحسَنْ مِنّو
ويللّي بِساعْدَكْ بِشغْلِة وبْيَعمِل حالو هُوّي عملَكْ
ويللي بينسِيكْ بثانية وبيبرُمْ ضُدّكْ
كرمال قِرشِين وبْيِنسى فضْلَكْ
ويللي بيَعمِلْ حالو بحبّكْ وبيِسأل عنّك
ليروح يحكي لرفقاتو خْبارَكْ
ويللي بْيِستَفيدْ منّك وبكبَّك
مفكَّرَك حمارْ عطَيْطو كلّ شي عندَك
وأضحَكْ شي يللي ما بيقدر يطلّع خبار مِنّكْ
فبحطّ كلام بتمّك
بيكون هُوّي قال الكلام وإنتَ تضحّكتِلّو لتخْلَصْ مِنّو
والأغشَمْ مِنّو هايداك يلّي بصَدّقو
يللّي مفكّرْ المصاري والسيارة والبيت بيعملو الإنسان
والأقرَف؟ يللّ بعلّي صوتو صوبَكْ أوْ بِهِتَّكْ
ليْجرِّب يدَمّْرَكْ لأنّو ما فيْ يسْتَغِلَّكْ
أوْ يسَيْطِرْ عليكْ

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Maya Acra Show Reel

I’ve edited my old show reel like 3 years ago of random university students (senior) projects, here’s a new one: more freaky; of only two projects I’ve done.

Khati2ati Takwa (Anas Arabi Song)
Character: girlfriend
– Bed Time Story (Valerie Yaacoub Senior Movie)
Character: Belle

Khati2ati Takwa – Anas Arabi M Music

What some people don’t know about me is that my main passion is acting. I enjoy playing a character that is so far away from me, or that I have inside me; put myself in her shoes till whatever I am shooting is done.

Playing this girlfriend in Khati2ati Takwa (click to watch) was really daring and different. In the song, Anas Arabi states that he made her a trap, then he fell in it – to protect her from falling. This is a love song of all the destructive love/hate relationships of not knowing what tomorrow holds, of being weak, and still not giving up and not caring… 

She still wants to spend another day with him, let go and enjoy the wind, and dance.. the night away.