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Raging Bull (1980) M Review

Raging Bull is a 1980 American biographical black-and-white sports drama film directed by Martin Scorsese, produced by Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler and adapted by Paul Schrader and Mardik Martin from Jake LaMotta‘s memoir Raging Bull: My Story.

What a true classic! This movie tells the story of every rising star. Robert De Niro playing Jake has his brother Joey as his manager. He is a boxer who does not only win all other boxers but also has a chance to winning the championship; he is feared by all other boxers, but according to Joey’s calculations and connections, Jake cannot do it without the mafia – Salvy Batts.

Jake plays their game – meaning he shakes hands with the Mafia and agrees to lose some games to get to the championship. Along the way, he finds out that his wife cheated on him with almost everyone he knows – including his brother. He forgives her, fights with his brother, and moves on to the championship game where he loses the game, royally – basically giving his opponent the championship on a silver platter. Somewhere along the way, Jake finds out in his own way that his brother also had fought with Salvy.

Later on, he retires and opens his own bar, and gets behind bars because of letting a 14 year old in. All that was nice and all, but the movie only gets good when he sights his brother randomly, follows him, only to discover that he is no one now. That’s where he realizes that it was his brother, who got it down-hill since that game when he made himself lose.


The monologue Jake performs in front of the mirror gave me goose bumps.


“It was like a peak you reach, and then it’s down hill. It was you Charlie. You was my brother. You should have looked out for me a little bit. You should’ve looked out for me just a little bit. You should’ve taken care of me, just a little bit, instead of making me take those dives, for the short end money. You don’t understand. I could’ve had class. I could’ve been a contender. I could’ve been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am. It was you Charlie.”
Champions are born to be champions, champions don’t lose – but there are always people around them that are intimidated, jealous, and suspicious. The road to success is the hardest and most stressful, and usually people with talent depend on those around them to look out for them and to handle ‘other people’, that is when their managers, brothers, cousins, and friends fail them. Most ‘stars’ are poorly handled and misled with the wrong manipulating minds all the time, those who do not see the far picture.

Stars and champions are destructive perfectionists; they hate themselves when they don’t get what they want their way. Jake in the movie does not really fight the championship fight because he felt he does not earn it – he gave in to the mafia, and lost his reputation and his family along the way.

But again, there IS a movie to Jake’s story and this man’s last scene is him preparing for a show – anchoring with “I’m The Boss, I’m The Boss”; after seeing his brother walking like a no-lifer, Jake remembers that he IS BOSS. A person like him can be hindered, stopped, persecuted, thrown in jail, boo-ed, cheated on, deceived, but he would rise up every time and prove to the world that a champion cannot be stopped.


What a movie!

With Love,

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Interesting Facts About Whiskey with Mr. Graham Coull

So, I got the chance (among with 14 other bloggers) to meet the Master Distiller at Glen Moray Himself Mr. Graham Coull, and be lectured about Glen Moray Whiskey and about Whiskey in general.

glen-moray-3Some interesting facts I learned: 

  • Scottish Whisky is only be made in Scotland (obviously but you know)
  • It is made of Water, Grain, and Yeast
  • Kinds of Whisky are Single Malt, Blended Scotch (and Blended Malt)
  • Whiskey is made of beer (Add Barley and Yeast, distill it twice to get Spirit, put it in an oak cask for 3 years)
  • If you mix 2 whiskeys of different ages in the same oak cask, the whiskey takes the age of the youngest (Say you put a 12 year old whiskey with an 18 year old = 12)
  • In Summer, the whiskey interacts more with the wood inside the oak
  • The use of a Narrow-From-The-Top tasting glass is so, so the taste is centralized, the aroma stays in the whiskey
  • No two whiskies are identical
  • To keep the taste of the whiskey, do not add ice (because it is water) Water Cools Down and changes the taste of whiskey
  • There is no specific age for a whiskey to be bottled; it just needs to be ready; different casks mature differently
  • When emptying a cask, Master Distillers keep a couple of liters inside to keep the cask moisturized between two generations.
  • The whiskey is much more intense if it is bottled in a brand new cask used for the first time, 50% less intense if it used the second time, 25% less intense the third time (usually casks are used for three generations)
  • Glen Moray works with 90,000 barrels a year (around 3 million bottles)


How to Taste A Whiskey:

  • Hold it in the light, to start differentiating different blends of whiskey and their colors
  • Nose it, to know what to expect
  • Taste it


What We Tasted:

Glen Moray:

The Classic Single Malt (6-7 years)
Taste: Malty Toffee Sweetness
I liked it, but you can definitely taste Barley in it, because it is young


The Classic Port Finish (40% alcohol)
Taste: Citrus, Apple, Pear, Cinnamon
I loved this one, I would recommend this whiskey to girls


Chardonnay Cask Finish
Taste: Unique, Spicy, Wine Flavor, Candy, Fruit Sweetness
I also would recommend this one to girls and not heavy whiskey drinkers


Peated Single Malt
Taste: burned turf, peat smoke, peated vegies
I would only recommend this one to a heavy smoker who stopped smoking and would want to feel some chimney, it’s too heavy I would imagine an oversized man drinking it on his porch while his wife cooks soup


12 Years Old
Taste: Sweatness, Dark Fruits, Red Berries, Vanilla, Oak Woody Element, Very subtle amount of smoke
This has more character, probably because it is 12 years old and that is the basic age of whiskey


15 Year Olds
Taste: Coffee bean, Cherry, Fruits, Bitter
I like this one more than the 12 year olds, it has more flavor
I would add to it 2 ice


18 Year Olds
Taste: TOO STRONG because it is 47.2% alcohol
You will need to add to it water




Whatsapp Stories? Wha…

So I guess everyone is doing it now?

Most of you know that I am a firm believer and a heavy user of Snapchat, however I do post stories on both instagram and Snapchat. 

I just got these leaked pictures of WHATSAPP STORIES, not sure they are official though, but they seem like a test dummy for a new update.

I personally do not have all my snapchat friends on Instagram – and definitely not on whatsapp, so I do not see this whatsapp update as threatening to my “stories activity”.

Many people I know though, shifted from Snapchat to Instagram stories since it made more sense – they have both their friends and the main pages they follow on Instagram; they wouldn’t be missing on anything (no major FOMOs).

Whatsapp stories would make more sense for those who use Snapchat to check their friends updates; those who are more private.

Probably Whatsapp Stories would target:

  • Private Instagram users who refrain from uploading insta stories  because of the two people they don’t know that they accepted last Monday
  • 30 and above who do not really care about celebrities or follow major news and celebrity/fashion/influencers pages
  • People who never used Snapchat or instagram stories and never really got it “because it’s too complicated”
  • Jealous boyfriends and girlfriends who already change their whatsapp pictures into black and their status into “pimping” and “single” when they’re on a fight

I think it will be less common among the youngsters since their parents and aunts have their whatsapp contacts – and no kid wants his grandma to know he is having fries for lunch at Burger King instead of her Kebbeh.



Thank you Ahmad Ki for the leak!

With Love!

MOVIE VII: Tallatit (2016) M Review

It took me a while to convince my friends to go watch Tallatit at Cinemall – simply for the fact of it being a Lebanese Movie. I was personally excited to watch it ever since I watched its trailer at the Lebanese Movie Guide Awards, however I was disappointed to see the little enthusiasm us Lebanese people have to go watch our own productions. I must admit, I have walked out of a couple of Lebanese movies that, I personally felt, insulted my intelligence and decreased my IQ level, however Tallatit is definitely a must-see for any of you who love to support the local movie industry. Again, the number of people watching Tallatit in comparison to other movies was so low, I felt ashamed!

I’m not sure if one should applaud the director Kristian Abouanni, but the characters in this movie are quite believable; I admired their acting skills! I didn’t find any unjustified movements and theatre recital-kind-of-conversations. I could feel the actors ‘feeling’ – yes, the verb – in this movie. I personally cried – something I do not usually do while watching Lebanese productions.

Tony Issa’s character is so sincere, romantic, and emotional. He’s the man that drives behind you at night and makes sure you are treated like a princess; every girl’s dream love. Carmen Bsaibes’ billboard face is exactly the missing piece when it comes to the overall crew-energy of this movie – a cute poised lady! As for Joy Karam, I don’t know who raised Cynthia and Joy but RESPECT to their GENES; what a Strong Character! Chapeau Bas!


The message in this movie is not cliché at all and definitely hits the spot when thinking of the Lebanese Media Scene; probably why the movie theatre wasn’t too packed? Lebanese people probably like “tjeljou2” and retarded jokes instead of watching their brutal truth.

Lebanese women have innate gifts; most of us are not ONLY beautiful, we are also not walking sex-and-baby-popping machines. I have met great media professionals who basically offered me media space for a certain ‘price’. I am more than proud to say that I rejected every single walking-sperm who tried to come close to my personal space. Unfortunately, many girls have gone through that road to get to the positions they are at now. Although, every girl and woman is free to do whatever she pleases, EVERY SINGLE GIRL who has done that forgot her value, just like Manel Mallat almost did in Tallatit.

Manel was born with the only gift I call a gift – A Lovely Musical Voice. However, we could see in the movie that she was going back and forth with a ‘producer’ who was offering her a big part in a movie – for a ‘price’. She was focusing on acting ‘for a price’ instead of focusing on her main gift, which is singing.

Isn’t that what so many of young girls in the media are doing just to get famous and be on the big screen?

Also, having her heart torn to pieces by her old partner/muse and due to the society/parental pressure of getting married asap, Manel forgot her talent and lost her self-value and self-confidence – when EVERYONE around her didn’t, including the supportive boyfriend-material-Tony Issa.

tony 2

The awful pressure almost-30-year-old women face in this country is the main reason of the disloyal husbands and high level of divorce. Women forgetting their individuality and running after any man who might consider making them pop his babies, is well, disgusting.
I honestly do not know why Lebanese chicks (yes in this context, I will call my gender chicks) would rather go to a club, post selfies and snapchat stories about their colorful-yummy-drinks, wear skinny tight dresses, and talk endless useless conversations about guys, instead of going to watch this socially and cultural/social awakening movie about their/our reality – and perhaps get a hit on their LV heads.

This movie, thank God, is one of the movies that actually stimulates our societies’ brains and does not just go with the flow with the idiocy of our culture. It motivates women to give chances to the right men, to be around the supportive ones, and to be successful.

Go Watch It!

Much Love!


أَأَفْتَخِرْ أَوْ أَبكي

أَأَفْتَخِرْ أَوْ أَبكي
إِنِّي أَعيش في بلدٍ لا يزال الزَّواج المدَنيّ حلمٌ

أَأَفْتَخِرْ أَوْ أَبكي
إِنِّي أَعيش مَعَ شعبٍ قَضِيّتُهُ عُمْرَها سنين
قَضيّةٌ لا تَتقَدّمْ
في زَمَنٍ يَتَطَوَّرُ بسُرعَةِ الضَّوء
قَضيّةٌ لا تَزال هِيَ هِيَ
قَضيّةٌ باتَتْ ليْ بلا جَدْوى
مُحَرَّضَة مِنْ أولَئِكَ الذّين في الحكم
المُسيطِرون المُسْتَبِدُّون
الحُكامُ البُخَلاء
رِجالُ السُّلطة والدّينْ
يَتَلاعَبون بِعُقولِ شعْبٍ بهلٍ
بلا حَيا وبلا ضمير
عقولٍ تَتَغَذَّى بِما تَسْمَعْ وَبِما يُقالْ
عقولٍ لا تَرى بأَعْيُنِها بَلْ بِأَعْيُنَ حُكّامِها الجُهَلاء المُسَيَّرونْ
عُقولٍ تَتَذَّكَّرُ حقوقَها عندما تَتكَلَّمُ عَنها وَسائل الإِعلامْ
ثُمَّ تنْسى كما لَمْ يَكُنْ لِحُقُوقِها وُجُودْ

أَأَفْتَخِرْ أَوْ أَبكي
إِنِّي أَعيش في بلدٍ لا يَحتَرِم حقوقَ المَرأٌة
فِي مُجْتَمعٍ ذُكوريٍّ مُتَنَكِرٌ بالإِنْفتاحْ
فَإِنْ تَزَوَّجْتُ..
فَجُنسيَّةٌ لِطُفْلي لا أَقدِرُ إعطاءْ
أَأَنزِل وأحتَجُّ على الطَّريق؟
أُدافعُ عَن حقوقي المَهْدورَة كما دافعَ ملايين من قبلي
لِدَوْلةٍ شِبْهِ دَوْلةْ
لا تَأبَه ولا تَستفيق من خَوفِ مَصِيرِها وَغيبوبَةِ جَشَعِها

فَإِنْ سَكَتُّ اسْتَسْلَمْتُ
وَإنْ نَزَلْتُ إلى الشّارعِ ضاعَ وَقْتي
فها هيَ صَرخَتيْ
صَرخَةُ لُبنانيَّة تائِهة فِي بلَدً زَهّأَ كُلَّ مَنْ عاشَ فيهْ
وبَاتَ مَحَطّة استهْزاء كلَّ مَنْ تَركَهُ