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Why You Need To Attend The BGP2016

Finally Someone Thought of doing A Crazy Race Event in this Country!
Lebanese Car Lovers often travel to Monaco or to Dubai to witness something THIS HUGE!
Timing: THIS WEEKEND Sep 24/25 in Beirut! Sat (12:30 PM – 8 PM / Sun 7:00 AM – 11 PM)
Get Your Tickets NOW from Virgin Ticketing:
Tickets Price Range between 50,000 LBP and 300,000 LBP

This Race Is Organized by The Beirut Grand Prix Association, headed by Mr. Hussein Fawaz. It’s the first of its kind!
Drag Race on Saturday followed by a full lap race on Sunday. This Event will make you jump off your seats! And this is why YOU NEED TO WITNESS IT LIVE:

1. You Might Win A Porsche Cayenne 2016!

One Ticket Holder will WIN a Porsche Cayenne 2016. I don’t think this needs more clarification.

2. You Have a Chance of winning a RIDE in one of the competing cars (check the list below)

20 Car-Lovers/ lucky winners will win a ride in the competing cars! Pick the Car of Your Choice and participate in the competition & Get to be inside the car for a Once-In-A-LifeTime Ride!

3. FOOD!

Socrates Catering = Yummy!
And It’s not Just Appetizers! It’s full-on good meals!

4. You Will Witness the First National Grand Prix!

The roads in Ain El Mrayyseh and Ramlit El Bayda will be Completely CLOSED! Around 40 Cameras will be covering the event.
There will be a cooling and ventilating system.
Sick Sound System never used before in the Middle East!
The Set-up costed more than 4 MILLION DOLLARS!

5. Live Entertainment & Shows

There will be crazy entertainment and surprises that YOU NEED TO WITNESS WITH YOUR OWN EYES!

6. You are Safe!

The Whole Street will be covered by LED barricades to avoid any kind of accident!

7. And if ALL THAT ^ does not interest you, perhaps the cars’ models would, check them out below:

Driver: Asaad Saccal
Car: Ferrari 458 Italia
HorsePower: 570

Tarek Houssami
Ferrari F12

Hussein Fawaz
Ferrari 458 Speciale

Nassim Ramy
Nissan GTR

Ali Aoude
Porsche GT4

Manal Abi Mosleh
Lamborghini Huracan

Farouk El Khalil
Chevrolet Corvette

Ayman Assi
Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

Mohammad Ghandour
Ferrari California

Mohammad Araibi
Audi R8+

Ali Sabraoui
Lamborghini Aventador



خْلِقْنا بِلْ تسْعينات
رْبينا عَلْ إنفيجاراتْ

بالمدرسة تْعَلَّمنا يوم
وْفَرّصنا يومان
بِحِجِّة إنْو مات فولانْ

بالجامعة تْخانَقنا
على مين بَدّو يِتْزَعَّمْنا

نُصْنا نَجَح بالواسطة
ونُصْنا ما كان إِلو جلادة
فَ قَرَّر يَعْمِلْ شَعْرو راسْطة

وْبِتْشوفْ هَلْ بَناتْ زِهْقانة
كلّ وَحدة بِتْسَمي حالا ناشطة
بْتِتْفَرْكَشْ فِيا يابا عمْبِتْعَلِّق يافطة

بِأَشْغالْنا مِنْشوفْ أرباب أَعمالنا
عَمْبِنازعو كِرْمالْ يضَلّْ لبنان فوق راصْنا

تْعبْنا وما إلْنا جلادة نِشكي
وَلا نهاجِر وَلا نِبْكي

نَحنا بَدْنا نعيش
وهِنّي بين الثانية والثانية بْيَعْملولنا فيشْ

بَجَم حَوَشْ تَتَرْ
مِشكَلتون اللبناني مْعَلَّم ومْكَتّرْ

وأنا كلّ ما يِطلَع إنفِجار
بذَكِّركُنْ أنا مينْ
برْجَع بِتذَكَّرْ
إنّو بَطّلِت بِتْهِمني هَلْ سياسة من سنين