homesick, literally

When I go through other countries blogs, I get amazed by their lifestyle. It’s so sad to be living in a country you feel you do not belong to.

I. Their Environment

I really seem to envy them for the amount of greens around them, it’s like their environment is so green and fresh, and here it’s so contaminated and smoky. When I check out their photos I get astonished by the clean and fresh air they seem to be exposed to in opposed to the dust and smoke we breathe each day.

II. Their Lifestyle
The way I see it, Lebanese people are so obsessed by how they have morals and convictions while in fact they break all their own values and never say they do. Most of them are simply FAKE. All they care about is their looks – their plastic looks – and their “social life”. You see I am in Notre Dame University, and I am seldom introduced to people that are really interesting to speak to, it’s like most of them are copy-pasted. Their lifestyle is also a bit TOO boring and routin-ish. It’s like I really got bored of always partying, I prefer house parties over clubs.

You go to these clubs, and watch everyone getting bored and then taking pictures of themselves jumping and laughing and faking being drunk :S so they can post it the second day on facebook and say that they had fun and that they partied all night.

The way I see it, foreign countries spend larger amount of time with their families and less time faking having fun. Lebanese people always blame countries abroad for making their children leave at the age of 18 their homes. Well, at least most of them grow up to be a bit responsible in their lives, not spoiled retards who depend on their parents income till their menopause. Oh, and about the whole sex before marriage virgins’ thing, well I’m not saying I am with it, but it’s so overrated in Lebanon when almost all the youth engage in pre-marital sex, but the whole issue is kept as a taboo and the sexual frustration and repression of the young generation is just repulsive.

III. Their Relationships and Weddings
Just to clear things out, Civil Marriages are still prohibited by the law in Lebanon. Now, how sick is that!? I see these photo albums of weddings abroad, and I just get even more frustrated. It’s like their weddings are so cute, fresh, and filled with love!!!

The bride looks like a pretty *#@#&flower@#@% hhehe, like so cute and wonderful… her makeup would be so pretty and natural, unlike bride makeups here, I sometimes feel I am at a Halloween’s party.

Even relationships here are mostly fake, most girls just care about finding someone to get married to before they feel “that their peak-time is out” and that they’re off the marriage market. When I broke up with my ex, most of my girlfriends would be like, “even if you do not love him, stay with him if he loves u and if he wants to marry you!!” what the hell!? Since when is marriage not about being totally devoted to someone and deeply in love with him! Other girls would tell me that I am so stupid I didn’t date that wealthy man, “just be with him, you can cheat on him but imagine the gifts he’d get you and the people he’ll make you meet”. Huh!? Since when are girls a product!? We are NOT a product, a commodity, and there is NO MARRIAGE MARKET. You can be 55 years old and still “on the market” so just chillax girls!

Moreover, Lebanese girls blame the Lebanese guys for treating them as shit, while in fact they lead them to! Just have more brains in your silly head and he will respect you more and treat you better! “he’d rather stay with his friends than hang out with me”-well of course if you keep on reminding him that you want to get married to him and get him some babies and always nag about silly things and about how your girlfriends are doing things you’re not and you’re always asking him to get you stuff. Oh and one more thing, stop being so plastic! > Now this is the guys’ fault.

Guys always speak in front of their girls how turned on they are by whatever cover girls (due to their sexual frustration) who are all plastic and stuff, so the girls (due to their tiny brains that make them believe that their guys are only into them because of their appearance – and in most cases these days, they are since there is nothing in the girls other than their so called “beauty”… plastic and silicon stuff) actually try to look as much as plastic as they can to impress the guys who later on express their disgust to all fake girls in some random social conversation with their neighbors, expressing their admiration to natural beauty. Here the girls would go all Ouups! and shit and go through some weird dilemma of whether what they did was right or wrong and whether they really feel better about themselves or not.

I won’t speak about other things, I guess these are enough, and I’m a bit too sleepy, gonna bounce! xoxoxo

I am Lebanese alright, but I just like to tell all Lebanese girls to wake up, the guys to grow up, and the government regulator’s to fix things up.

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