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Just like many other aspects in our lives, our religion is born with us. We are born to be Christians, Buddhists, Jewish, Muslims…and so on…

Each one of us is raised to believe that his religion is the true religion. All other religions are foolish, wrong, made-up, and lead to everlasting torture.

What is religion after all? I would say it is just some bond that unites people together, puts them in the right track, and lets them avoid mistakes/sins. However, each religion is fabricated in a way that is homogeneous and consistent with the environment it was created in. For example: Islam and the 4 wives. Back in the 500s, the tribes Prophet Mohammad used to live with were complete savages I would say. They were worse than animals, mating with whomever female they’d see, respecting no one. The Four-Wives was a common ground for those tribes. Prophet Mohammad continues to state that a man should equalize between his wives. He should love, treat, and respect them all the same; or else he shouldn’t marry more than one woman. Jews and Saturday. Back then, people used to work so hard, and God asked for Saturday as a day dedicated to him: for prayer. It wasn’t too much to ask.

The mistake we do now, is still sticking on to little details instead of the basic essence of religions. All religions call for love, respect, forgiveness, empathy, and true friendship or brotherhood. It’s not if u cooked on a Saturday afternoon or not. It’s not if you have 3 wives. It’s who YOU are. Unfortunately, just like always, our reasoning tends to misinterpret what’s given. Instead of understanding all other religions, we tend to mock them.

Once one of our religion’s members choose to alter his religion just because he felt he found the truth somewhere else, Oh God! How could he: traitor, deceiver, demon, and a huge disappointment.

For religion; people have killed, many commit suicide, families were broken, brothers stopped talking to each other, people stereo-typed one another, and relationships were cut forever …

Now, we should ask ourselves. Are all the people that have the same Religion as me, good? Are they all good people? In other words, is my religion what made me who I am? Am I a good person just because of my religion? Yes, it has guided the way for me, I am sure. But, is it still something I should judge others upon, and in the most horrific times kill them based on their religion??

In fact, it’s high time we start judging others by their personalities and not by what is written on their IDs. Don’t misunderstand me. Religions are sacred, important, and they do affect our lives. However, it is time to approve of marriages and relationships of couples from different sects, embrace others even though they come from a complete different environment than us, and respect each person alive.

TRUTH IS: that is what ALL religions call for.

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